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CVS Pharmacy reviews, CVS Pharmacy complaints, read CVS Pharmacy reviews, find CVS Pharmacy reviews, CVS Pharmacy scam reports
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  • 561 complaints
  • $59,431 claimed losses
  • $106 average
  • 52988 since Jan 16, 2008

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CVS Pharmacy
Main address: One CVS Drive 2895 Woonsocket RI
888-607-4287 , 1-888-607-4CVS, 1-800-SHOP-CVS, ,
CVS Pharmacy reviews, CVS Pharmacy complaints, read CVS Pharmacy reviews, find CVS Pharmacy reviews, CVS Pharmacy scam reports
  • 561 complaints
  • $59,431 claimed losses
  • $106 average
Had an experience with CVS Pharmacy?
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  • 1 day ago
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Rude Store Manager
  • 1
  • 15

I sometimes shop at a CVS located 5985 Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV and the store manager Terra is very rude. She talks down to customers and her employees! I once saw her being very mean to a young lady who was using coupons, she called her 'hun' in the most condescending manner and be littled her about a simple misuse of a coupon. The other girl who was cashiering mouthed 'sorry' to the couponing... Read more

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  • Mar 28
  • Tracy, California
  • Bad Management
  • 18

Used to work for cvs NEVER AGAIN!!! New manager had little to no communication with her employees.. Instead a manager from another store came in and talked to them for her while she sat and said /did absolutely NOTHING!! mind you a discussion that started out with low scoring about emails went to we don't need you here, we don't care if you leave. This manager (Leo) who never worked with any... Read more

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  • Mar 06
  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • Prescriptions
  • 3
  • 69

Husband and I went to the CVS at 1681 Westchester Ave in Bronx NY and was treated like thieves. As soon as we walked in the store we were asked if we needed help. We advised the employee that we fine. As we walked through the aisles to decide what we wanted, we could not help but notice that we were being followed. At first I figured we may be over reacting but we were not. This is not the first... Read more

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  • Mar 03
  • Eastpointe, Michigan
  • Prescription Filling
  • 40

It just seems that every time I take a prescription to be filled there is a three or four hour waiting time.when myself,my wife and son have a total of 13 scriptsto be filled every month,that's a lot of our time wasted.Between our co-pays and what insurance pays,it came out to 13800 dollars for 2013.I've changed pharmicies for all but one of these scripts because of this.As soon as I find another... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Store Manager
  • 22

I have never seen a store manager or even a supervisor at that work like this girl does i've been watching her thanks for the help keep up the good work and dont compromise i think thats whats wrong with alot of stores unruley customers always trying to get over a real manager cares and i have seen that thank u to whom it may concern for being there i truly needed help that day and you were there... Read more

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  • Feb 17
  • Medical Records
  • 2
  • 48

Good afternoon, My name is Kathy and I have just started going to CVS on Dundee RD about three months now. Keep in mind CVS has been who I go to for about 15 years now just a different location in Florida. The following issues have been with the IL location. 1) I suffer with Migraines really bad and if any other suffers are reading this you will understand. Left the doctor and straight to CVS to... Read more

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  • Feb 13
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Insurance Approval
  • 35

I went to cvs windsor gave a letter to pharmacist that I will be going to chicago get my insurance approval for 3 months supplies. they took a week to get the approval and told me they will call me when they are ready. Even after my several written and oral reminders and personal requests they did not fill. One day before my leaving they called to get your doctors approval for my supplies.... Read more

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  • Jan 28
  • Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Rude Employee
  • 40

I have been going to west middle turnpike location manchester ct for a few years now. In the last few months I have gone in there is an associate that is rude and always seems like she has a bad attitude I believe her name is Lisa she does not always have a name tag on. The way she speaks with me and other customers is very unprofessional and wrong I don't want to even go in there when she is... Read more

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  • Jan 20
  • Wilmington, Massachusetts
  • Breathing Treatments
  • 1
  • 72

I have a baby who unfortunately ends up with breathing issues everytime he gets a cold and has to have breathing treatments. Each of the three times I went to the Wilmington, MA CVS I had to wait several hours to get the Rx filled. The last time I told the pharmacist my son was struggling to breathe and she told me the soonest they could have it would be an hour. I went back an hour later and... Read more

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  • Jan 16
  • Gahanna, Ohio
  • Flu Voucher
  • 1
  • 51

Had a FLU voucher from my place of employment to bring to CVS; signed in and provided all of my personal information; was brought into the patient room and told that they could not accommodate me unless I was paying with insurance. I was sent up to pharmacy and told THEY would need to give me the shot. Was made to complete another form with same info as before. Finally, someone came out with... Read more

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