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CVS Pharmacy - CVS Sucks!!

Company CVS Pharmacy
Product / Service Drugs
Location Frederick, Maryland
Category Drug Stores and Drugs
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They Under staff their pharmacy and expect 1 tech and 1 pharmacist to help out 5 people at the Drop off window, 2 people at the consultation windows 8+ people at the pickup window, 2 cars in lane 1 of the drive thru and 2 cars in lane 2 of the drive thru, phones ringing off the hook, trying to fill prescriptions pull them and put them all back...this place is a Failure!!

Stop being such a GREEDY Company And start treating your employees right and having sufficient staff to help serve customers and be able to do their job.

Under Staffing and not giving breaks just end the END *** off customers and makes the whole Company look BAD...this place is the worst place to work for EVER. 3080d2c

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Aug 20, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
About 3 months ago I got a job in the photo lab at CVS. It is my first job. Everyone at my store was very nice for the first 2 months. However, I barley worked. Maybe 30 hours the first month, 40 (maybe) the 2nd. I learned a lot, but not everything. I'm not sure where everything is yet, and some photo orders (such as books) still confuse me. This month, due to some people quitting, im working about 70 hours. Which is fine, however they expect me to suddenly know things i had never once done in the first 2 months. Then they complain when I ask questions. But if i do something wrong, they obviously complain as well. In fact, today, i was showing a customer the location of an item. The manager took the money drawer. I was about to switch registers anyway, so i didn't say anything, as the manager often takes the drawer to count. They then proceed to yell at my for not reporting the drawer, leaving the register, "lying" on why i switched registers (I needed to stock the candy aisle, and wanted to watch the register at the same time) and for asking to many questions. I understand where they are coming from, and said i would try harder, but they don't see where im coming from. And just kept complaining. Everyone else at the store are nice, and understand i didn't work very much, but the higher ups seem like they don't. They also have yet to give me my pay check this week. I don't want to just quit, but i also understand this a first job.
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Jul 21, 2013  from Burnham, Illinois
Cvs is the worst place I have ever worked. I at every chance I get will NEVER recommend it as a place to work or shop. They continually harrass, and threaten employees, yet they don't give enough hours or enough positions to get their insane workloads done. They give raises that aren't enough. They do nothing to make an employees want to work harder, accept threaten them with termination. They hire mean and bitchy district managers that everyone hates. They are more interested in catching employees doing something wrong than they are about employee safety and thieves in their urban stores. Anyone thinking of working here.... RUN AWAY AS FAST YOU CAN!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT. ANY JOB IS BETTER THAN WORKING HERE!!!! :cry
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Apr 18, 2013 
The CVS Pharmacist in my town was so down right mean to me, I called customer relations and they were going to "counsel" them, never happened, I moved my business out of town to another pharmacy, CVS Does not care how many customers they lose, they monopolize one small town after another. Will never go there again!
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Mar 13, 2013 
I have worked at one of the customer service call centers for a few years. We are constantly under the threat of being fired for not meating a call quota. I hear from customers every day that they are leaving CVS because of the constant harrasing calls that are received from the pharmacy. We are not offering any customer service, we are badgering customers about readyfill,text messaging, cvs.com,flushots, converting 30 day scripts to 90 day scripts. We have to lie to get a day off for a doctor appointment. Time is micro-managed to the second. If you use more than 6 minutes a day to use the bathroom, you get written warnings. This is a company that preaches life/work balance until your life gets in the way. I have watched people being taken out in an ambulance and were given a written warning because the left work unplanned. I refuse to even use cvs to fill my own scripts. I don't step foot in any cvs store ever. If you are looking for a job, DON'T apply at cvs.
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Jul 01, 2013  from Tokyo, Tokyo
I feel your pain pissed employee!

YES, CVS does this to it's employees. We are under constant threat of being fired for not meeting a quota, per-day. Sometimes the managers try to be *** about it and if you don't fulfill a quota they add MORE quotas to the list!

Them giving written warnings for people taken out in an ambulance is illegal and should be challenged. Worked Unplanned? Who the heck planned to leave work in an ambulance for goodness sake!

Pissed it right. While CVS may look cute for customers it's another trip actually working IN cvs itself. It's like a step up from the ***-treatment of walmart employees! We're over-worked, under-appreciated and NEARLY not paid enough as we should be.

All these cheap-retail jobs are almost the same. 8.50 for paid slave-labor and stress on the job.
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Feb 28, 2013  from Orcutt, California
We used to have a nice Longs in Orcutt. Now it is a CVS and it is terrible. When it began a CVS, we began to have numerous problems with our prescriptions, so we went to Albertson and have had no issues for the past two years. The CVS is understaffed. The checkout line setup is ridiculous - if you enter the store you have to cut between people in the check out line. They once charged me 10.99 for a 2 inch by 2 inch passport photo... that I printed off my USB drive!! I avoid that store like the plague.
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Feb 27, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
CVS Sucks. Employee Shortage BS. You can only take care of 1 customer at a time. You are there to work. What does it matter how much work. If you dont want to work, stay at home. I went into CVS today for the 3rd day trying to pick up meds that I dropped off a few days ago. When I dropped them off the employee took my script and answered her cell phone. She just walked off laughing and talking BS. She came back to the counter and continued to talk personal BS about her kids and her house. There were 5 employees there (including the pharmacist). No one said anything to her. There was 1 other person waiting to drop off. I then asked "why the *** you have us waiting while you're on a personal call?". She then removed the phone from her ear and said I will take care of this, it should be ready tomorrow. I asked if she needed anything from me. She said no, I'll take care of it. The next day, I realized that she never asked me any questions so I called the company that approves scripts. They stated no one had contacted them for approval. I went back up there she lied that she sent it and it wasnt approved yet. I left and went back today. She told the pharmacist that she faxed it to the wrong number. I took my script to a diff pharmacy. NEVER AGAIN.
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Mar 18, 2013 
So you said "Why the ***" to the employee? You don't deserve decent service. I would have told you to leave the property to use the drive through.
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Jun 02, 2013  from Arlington, Virginia
I would have said the same thing to an ignorant ***k who ignores her customers for personal reasons. And I say the same thing to sanctimonious twerps like you who bellyache because someone uses bad language. Get a life!
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Jan 07, 2013 
Having been an owner of my own stores, a manager of a video store, a field engineer and now a shift supervisor at CVS, I have yet to understand the thinking of cutting hours in a store that has never gone over budget yet still doesn't have enough employees to cater to the customers as the CEO and their mission statement talk about.

After the hours were cut, so were employees. The mission statement and customer service WILL suffer, you can't change that small fact when you have only 2 people on a shift, one cashier and one shift supervisor that are expected to cater to the customer, walk them to the items they are asking for, answer their questions, answer the phone, passport photos, stock items, check for stock on items, price changes, garbage, hazardous waste, dust, face, vacuum, overstock, shop backs, dairy out dates, product out dates, put away baskets, put away carts, watch for shoplifters (can't stop them if they do) and with the elderly, actually walk and shop with them for 10 to 45 minutes or more and you are still expected to wait customers at the checkout or help in pharmacy when paged and do the many daily tasks that are at best, an exercise in futility. Many times I ignore the pharmacy calls for help, just can't be in 5 places at once, that's a fact Jack! The average age of store managers is 28, how sad that people (mostly females) with so little life experience are in charge of a store, wonder who they slept with to get the position (In my city,
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Nov 15, 2012 
I agree with mostly everyone here, CVS is one of the worst companies that I have ever worked for, At my store they are cutting more an more hours. I went from getting 20 or a lil more a week to getting 10 or 5 hours a week. An it also makes no sense on why they are cutting hours so bad since CVS in my hometown is one of the busiest pharmacies. An our customer sometimes have to wait on there medications for 3 hours or more but yet there still cutting more an more *** hour s( you would the head guys would know making our customers wait that long just makes us look bad, But I guess none of them have enough common sense to figure that out) They are also WAY to much of a kiss *** to customers (yes I know customer service is important but this place takes it to the next level) they really need to not be so freely with there coupon policies. There’s a women that comes in about two times a week an will get over $200 worth of items each time for less then $1. This woman also lately has been calling my store an asking for my work schedule from my manager an they been giving it to her!!! She dose it so when she comes in I don’t ring here up because I don’t let her use expired coupons an when we had the 4 dollars of 20 you could print off the website she came in with 10 of them when it clearly said you can only use one! An then she tried to get me to use them by saying that our store only lets her do that because she’s there a lot. I don’t know about you but I think they... Show more
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Mar 07, 2013 
If there are employee's taking expired coupons, they need to be reported..It's fraud...LP would have a field day with them!
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Mar 13, 2013 
we are supposed to accept expired coupons, it is part of our new thing the company launched.
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Nov 28, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
*** !! We dont tske expirec coupons at all...and if you are than you are part of the problem the rest of us put up with !! Oh well the store at blah blah takes them for me ! You are part of the prob...thx

Nov 14, 2012 
The worst place to get prescriptions filled. Always overcharge and than fight your money back. :(
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Aug 21, 2012 
without a doubt, cvs is the WORST pharmacy out there, and i've been through a lot of them. there has not been one single time when it has taken me one trip to the store to fill a script. every visit has required at least two trips - today will be the third, all for one script the doctor wrote that changed the dosage of a medication i was already receiving. and then today, i had to stand in line while the pharmacy tech chatted up a friend - all while the line stretched to the back of the dept.

their phone system is a joke. i'm getting calls all the time on random refills, but then they won't fill the stuff i need. if walgreen's hadn't stopped accepting express scripts, i'd still be going there. cvs is TERRIBLE.
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Feb 19, 2013 
Look the workers at cvs don't want you their you are obviously a fucken *** and probably on ahccs and you probably think your the only fucken Customer did you read the top of this blog the pharmacy is understaffed did you read how one person has to jump from the phone to fill to type to deal with insurance problems to the drive thru look your not the only person with expressed script and all the *** got dumped on cvs have to deal with miserable human being how do you know he was.talking to a friend their is no time for that at cvs you are just assuming here is my advice go to a different pharmacy it's not your only choice good ridden a and don't come back (I don't work for cvs)
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Aug 16, 2012 
I have worked for CVS pharmacy as an intern for 2 years. I can tell you that working at CVS is pure ***. I worked for some of the busiest stores in the district and let me tell you that most days are pure ***. They cut hours so much that one person doing the job of 2 or 3 people. I don't mind helping people in with their numerous issues in the pharmacy, I just need time to help them. Since they cut hours, we can't help them to the full extent. On top of cutting hours, CVS like to add on programs that really time demanding such as the PCI calls and the CSI. I don't even think they do the CSI anymore lol. The PCI calls are good if we have more help, but cutting hours and introducing more programs is just not right. The readyfill calls are not good at all because many times the patients confused forcing them to call the pharmacy, and the worst case is when we can't even figure out why the system called them.
I am always looking for a new job as I suspect many other interns are doing the same. I am really sad that such a company even existed. Always looking for job else where...
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Apr 27, 2012 
caremark cvs suck.is the worst.i,m 59 and gone to a lot,s of pharmacys caremark cvs is the woret.
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Mar 24, 2012 
@ Never Shop CVS

Really... how dare they not force as many people as possible to work on Christmas.
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