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I think your caps lock key is broken. ***


same experience here my meds were 50% less at rite aid than cvs I told them they were headed straight for *** ripping people off and pharmacist told me he knew they were the highest retail drug store in the market and he was looking for another job also BEWARE stay away fro cvs


Cash prices for drugs vary from store to store. If you used insurance it should be the same.

Why would you expect prices for every drug to be the same everywhere?

It's called competition and is a major component of the free-market system.



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#449483 Review #449483 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New Reviewer

Pharmacy a case of mass confusion

The Cvs Pharmacy in Lagrange Indiana is a freaking joke. First the automated computer calls to tell you your Mothers meds are ready. So the next morning you show up to pick them up and they dont have any ideal what you are talking about. So that evening you go home check with your mom again and she calls the store and they said they'd have it ready for pickup the next day. So the next morning you go again to pick up the mystery prescription and lo and behold, they don't know what you're talking about again, they dont have a script for your mother, so you tell them "I cant stand here and wait, I have to go to work, I will stop by tonite after 4 and pick up this script. So you go to work, you call Mom, she again calls the pharmacy and they say " We have that script ready for pick up. So after a long day at work, you stop by to pick up the script, and once again, they don't know what you're talking about, so once again, I had to tell them what it was, and that my mom needed it today,,and the clerk says well step aside and we'll get to the bottom of this. So 40 minutes later, and after watching two other people in the step aside line, get the wrong prescriptions, I finally got my Mom's medicine. This if ridiculous and so incompetent, I'm at lost for words. I will never and I repeat never get my scripts there again, heck by the time you get them filled and get the right meds, you'll probably die from whatever illness you have.
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Yup! I'm sorry that you have to go through the same thing as well.

There is nothing like standing in line (especially when other customers are paying for all the items that they are shopping for at the pharmacy counter) then finding out that they don't have anything for either myself or my mother. I have shown them text messages saying that it's available for pickup and they have no clue. It's such a shame that we have to use CVS out of convenience and they know it. I've taken surveys on CVS through a Smart Phone app and I always choose that I am only going there out of convenience.

It was fine when it was Longs. After that, I go to one doctor and I'm on the same meds every month. I've paid for everything out of pocket in January to reach my deductible AND so I can pick up my medication on the same day. I've done this for the last few years, this year trying a different location and they've somehow managed to get all of my medication spread out throughout the month.

How can I get one medication- the same medication but in two different doses spread apart by two weeks? Then same as you- I go in to pick something up and they don't know what I'm talking about. Also, they have faxed my doctor for refills on things that are supposed to be "Ready Fill" but they are controlled substances that I have not requested! They do not honor my doctors "O.K.

for early refill" and demand to speak to him. He is also an anesthesiologist so he's not in the office most of the time. I've had to pay to get a concierge doctor when I was in Hawaii because they would not honor this request and they don't fill prescriptions in other states. Ridiculous.

I love the other choice when you type in "CVS Pharmacy Comments". It's "Top 685 Complaints". WHAT? Top?

How many actual complaints are they CVS? I hope you are reading this because your pharmacists are incompetent yet they dictate when your medication can be filled although they are the ones to jumble everything up?! The first to say "NO" to your doctor's O.K.'s (and he's the one that should be ruling my medication- not them and if insurance is o.k. with paying for it- it's not illegal) but also the first to say "NO" as well when they do not have your medication after a call and text message.

Go to mom and pop pharmacies if you can. CVS is a bunch of ***.


well unfortunately its the only one in town,,besides a 26 mile drive to Walmart,,What is so freaking difficult about,,Give Deb a 30 day supply of /////(oh yeah, thats 30 tabs 1 per day) No refills just go to the *** shelf and count out 30 if you can,,I'm about to ape *** crazy on these people and when I do,,the local cop will escort me out and you know what I'll say? Well if they would have given me my anti-depressant at the right dosage,,,in the first place I wouldnt have gone bad *** on them,,but they are so freaking incompedent they cant see that 40mg on the script,,,if I had a choice I would take it,,but I dont so if you read in the newspaper some woman from INdiana went postal at CVS you'll know who it is,,,lol


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Middletown, New York
Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill

Worst Pharmacy Ever

I used to get me prescriptions filled at the CVS pharmacy at 83-02 Atlantic Ave Ozone Park, NY 11416?. This CVS Pharmacy is by far the worst pharmacy I have ever had the displeasure of using. For the sake of your own health, please do not use this pharmacy. During the course of a couple of months of using this pharmacy I had constant problems. Most, though not all, of the staff were rude and either unwilling or incapable of answering questions about medication. On multiple occasions they failed to fill my prescriptions on time and I was forced to go weeks without necessary medications. The final straw was a very important medication I could not afford to miss even a day of. I had 1 refill left on the prescription, just enough to get me to my next doctor's appointment. I called in the refill and was told it would be ready within a few hours. The next day I went to pick it, having given them more time then they requested to fill it, and was told they hadn't filled it because they didn't have the medication in stock. No one had called me or emailed me about the problem even though both a valid phone number and email address were on their records. I argued with the staff for an hour before they finally agreed to give me a partial prescription to get me through the next couple of days and assured me that I could return at the end of the week, after they got their delivery, to retrieve the rest. On the day of their delivery I called the pharmacy to remind them of our deal and request that the prescription be ready for me to pick up. They then went back on the deal and insisted that they could not fill the prescription because I had no remaining refills. I reminded them that I indeed had a refill which they had only partial filled and still owed me 20 or so pills of. They refused to give me the rest of my medication. The partial refill they had given me the previous visit wasn't enough for me to get to my next doctors appointment where I would obtain a new prescription. I continued to insist that they had assured me I'd be able to get the rest of the pills I was owed but the pharmacist eventually hung up on me. I had to go to the pharmacy to straighten this out. There I met the pharmacist who had been rude over the phone and hung up on me. Still rude she continued to argue with me and I was forced to involve the store manager. After an hour of arguing they finally gave me the medication I was owed and proceeded to tell me never to come into the store again. I left and promptly called CVS corporate to report the store. The woman there I spoke to was appalled, insisted that this was outrageous and not at all the way a CVS pharmacy should be acting. She referred me to the regional manager she wanted me to speak to however that gentleman never returned my multiple phone calls. Apparently, rude and ineffective service is exactly what that stores regional manager promotes. Again, for your own health, please stay away from this pharmacy. It will only be a matter of time before they begin to mess with your medications and your well being.
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Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill
This has been going on for two weeks and only the photo section works. All this is on IE, but all these pages "mysteriously" work just fine on Chrome. Obviously, they're just another company who's in Google's pocket and they're trying to force us into using Chrome....
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Dallas, Texas

Pharmacy communication problem

I asked my Doctor to send the CVS pharmacy, where I fill all my prescriptions, a prescription for medication I urgently needed. When I arrived at the CVS store, located at Foothill Blvd. and Tujunga Cyn in Tujunga, I was told a legible fax had not arrived from my Doctor's office so I asked them to please call my Doctor. The pharmacist called,recieved the correct information and then told me my prescription would be ready in "a few minutes". I waited for twenty minutes and then asked them if it was ready. They said it still wasn't ready and continued to be unspecific about how much more time was required. This is not the first time they have operated like this. I had a busy schedule and had to leave. There was a woman named Yassina who attempted to be helpful, which I appreciated but here co-workers are appahrently not on the same team.
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sounds like your doctor's office didn't send your prescription over when they said they would and the pharmacy only got it once they called and spoke to your doctor's office. Once they get the prescription it goes behind other people who are already waiting which is only fair.

This can take some time depending on how busy the pharmacy is at that time which is why giving a specific ready time is hard to do. Is the pharmacy supposed to fill yours first because of the doctor's office mistake and upset the other customers who brought their prescription in before you?


As a former employee of Longs Drugs, then bought out by the BIG PHARM excuse for a Drug Store that goes by the three initials, I know how things should be and how they are at CVS. They are understaffed and everyone there hates their job.

HATES it! So, deal with *** service or go find a neighborhood pharmacy... where you will pay more but at least you're not putting more money in the pockets of the society killer. Did you know a few years back CVS was caught selling PSE to known drug dealers so they could make *** and going around the system set-up to prevent that?

Know what they had to pay? 70 MILLION! But guess what, no big deal, like a drop in a bucket. Who cares...

imagine if a "neighborhood" pharmacy got caught doing that... Pharmacist in Jail, store closed down, community curses the name of that *** enabling god-forsaken place. Not CVS, people flock like sheep. Sheeple.


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Richardson, Texas
Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill

Poor Customer Service - Orangeburg, SC

I dropped off my scripts and returned in an hour and they could not find them. I returned the next day and the manager was using foul language in the pharmacy area. The cashier became upset because I asked her not to put my drivers license in the bag but to give it back to me. The CVS store in Orangeburg, SC (Chestnut Street) has an African American female manager (with a foreign accent) and other African American females in the pharmacy area that use profanity and are rude. What is a customer to do when the manager is nasty and even indirectly sarcastic when she notices you in the store on subsequent visits? I go because of convenience to my home but it looks like I am going to have to switch pharmacies in search of better customer service. I spent about $75 for poor service and my meds.
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As a former employee of Longs Drugs, then bought out by the BIG PHARM excuse for a Drug Store that goes by the three initials, I know how things should be and how they are at CVS. They are understaffed and everyone there hates their job.

HATES it! So, deal with terrible service and cranky employees or MY SUGGESTION... Stop taking the abuse for "convenience sake" go find a neighborhood pharmacy... where you will pay more but at least you're not putting more money in the pockets of the society killer.

Did you know a few years back CVS was caught selling PSE to known drug dealers so they could make *** and going around the system set-up to prevent that? Know what they had to pay? 70 MILLION! But guess what, no big deal, like a drop in a bucket.

Who cares... imagine if a "neighborhood" pharmacy got caught doing that... Pharmacist in Jail, store closed down, community curses the name of that *** enabling god-forsaken place. Not CVS, people flock like sheep.



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Columbia, South Carolina
Cvs Pharmacy Cashier
New Reviewer

CVS Shorted liquid prescription

Update by user Sep 08, 2013

Called the pharmacy again today. They repeatedly tried to say I must have given the wrong dose.

I finally spoke to head pharmacist who after I explained that it was the same amount in the bottle as the 3 days of steroids.

She apologized and when we brought our nearly empty 5 day old bottle she filled it completely. And apologized profusely.

Original review posted by user Sep 08, 2013
I recently filled my son's Zantac prescription at a CVS pharmacy in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be 60/ 1ml doses with a strength of 15 mg/ml. Instead I got what is dosing out to be 15 ml. Sure you read Zantac and think no big deal.. I would have said the same just over a week ago. Then my son ended up in respiratory distress due to complications from acid reflux. The acid had caused his vocal chords and tonsils to swell and restricted his airway. I tried calling and was never able to talk to a human after 30 min waiting to speak to "the next pharmacy rep". Will be going down to the pharmacy tomorrow. Not happy.. I have going on without needing to deal with this.
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#445793 Review #445793 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Employee in pharmacy

I worked in the pharmacy as a technician. and not for long because this piece of *** "company" didn't even want to pay me the correct hours. And I had schooling and still got paid the same as someone without relevant schooling and certification. I worked overtime because the pharmacist was *** enough to schedule a pregnant lady who was about to pop and had to be put on bedrest. Seriously? You went to school for that long and you're THAT ***? I then quit and they had the balls to say I got fired. So beyond pissed and I will NEVER shop at that screwed up place again
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I am a tech at CVS too, and let me tell you I feel your pain. I'm trying hard to leave that place.

I am certified too, and I am literally handing out my resume to people I meet in the medical field. Best of luck to you!


Amen. Haven't stepped in one in YEARS. FCVS

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Aurora, Indiana
New Reviewer

CVS employee was so rude !

I needed to buy some tums for my stomach that has been acting up because i have stomach ulcers so i decided to go to cvs. I tried look for the aisle that would have it then eventually just asked this employee that was putting things away on the shelves. She starts walking away so im guessing she wants me to follow her to where the tums are. After walking up and down 2 to 3 aisles we end up back to where she was putting things away on the shelves. I asked her where were the tums again and she told be that she already had shown me. I asked her if she can please show me again. I follow her once again down one of the aisles and she points them out, i tell her thank you for showing me again and apologized for not paying attention just to be polite. She tells me just pay attention next time and laughs to herself. To begin with she didnt even ask me to follow her she just starts walking away and the whole time i was following her she didnt say a word or show me where the tums were. So i just keep my mouth shut after she made that remark and go to the front desk to pay for my items. i ask the cashier who was the lady that was helping me and i was shocked to hear that it was the manager of their cvs! How could this woman represent CVS, a widely known company?..Her name is Bonnie.. So warning everyone, DON'T go to the cvs in woodbury plaza plainview ny..That women was rude and very unprofessional. CVS in general I have realized lately just sucks because I encountered this rude woman and the lines are always LONG..they need to hire more employees and monitor their managers unless the business will never excel.
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You know what works for a stomach ulcer? A big black *** in your mouth.


CVS does have some good points, such as the online prescription management and a lot of convenient locations, but my whole family has had problems with their pharmacies. I'm just posting this to say I agree with a lot of the negative CVS reviews because my family has seen it firsthand.

A lot of people mark negative reviews of retailers as "***" and it's safe to assume these are employees defending each other, but consumers have always shared their experiences with other people and this is just another mechanism for doing so.


Why in heaven's name would you stick your nose where it didn't belong and ask another employee about the one that had helped you? It really doesn't make any sense.

Furthermore, have you had your "stomach ulcers" medically diagnosed and has a doctor told you to use Tums for them? Stomach ulcers are something that can't be messed around with.


Who are these idiots who comment on this site. Their nose certainly belongs there because SHE IS PAYING MONEY FOR HELP, SERVICE and a PRODUCT.

We owe them nothing and anonymous... you go on to ask about whether or not someone has had their ulcers checked by a doctor? WHY IN HEAVEN'S SAKE WOULD YOU STICK YOUR NOSE WHERE IT DOESN'T BELONG? Are you paying this OP for a service?

You're a disgrace. Shut the *** and FCVS


Anonymous, it certainly makes sense that a customer who was treated like dirt would ask for the name of the rude employee.

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Plainview, New York
Cvs Pharmacy Cashier

Management's poor customer service skills

I was @ the Long Beach Ca store @ Bellflower and Sterns. I wanted to exchange an electric CVS toothbrush for a different brand because the CVS one wasn't working. The manager said no because he didn't have the same CVS toothbrush in stock to compare it to. I said your kidding me right, over a $7.00 toothbrush you lost a customer? Now I already know this guy's an ***, so I usually shop at a different CVS. But I figured who would hassle a good customer who was purchasing nearly $100.00 dollars worth of merchandise anyway? Nope, can't do it. I left my merchandise in the cart and walked out. I hope when they have to shelve every single item that I would have purchased, they think about what dumb *** they are. I shop @ Rite Aid now.
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Amen! FCVS

#445425 Review #445425 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Long Beach, California
New Reviewer

CVS pharmacy pismo beach, lawsuit will result if not fixed on wed 08/27/2013

Update by user Aug 27, 2013

this story was not created by me and i want this deleted asap as i have no idea who hacked in and created this. I am sorry for who is involved and hopefully pissed consumer will delete everything because this is not nice to do in someone else name, etc..Thank you...

Original review posted by user Aug 27, 2013
CVS Pharmacy, My name is John C****** and I use to be loyal customer of the CVS Pharmacy in Pismo Beach, Ca. and up-to today I use to be a loyal customer but after today I will never ever set foot into another CVS Pharmacy ever again and I am so upset that I feel like crying. You might think what would make a 39 year old man who spent several years in the Army and not a wimpy guy to the brink of crying? well for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to get one of my refills completed but for some-reason they were not going through and IO was starting to get irritated but today I received a call from a lady at the front desk of the pharmacy stating that my prescription that I was calling in was an old number with no refills but she located the right one and I was told it would take 1 hour to complete and to come back. I immediately took a shower so I can start my daily chores so I took a shower and when I got out of the shower I seen a missed call from the pharmacy so I immediately called back but when I did no one in the pharmacy remembers making the ca;ll and after reviewing my status and computer information states " that she sees nothing there and everything looks good and my refill should be ready soon", therefore I hung up and proceeded getting ready... After a couple of hours and surely enough time to get my prescription ready I proceeded into the pharmacy to pick up my medication. at the counter I told the lady my information and afterwards she replied with " Sorry sir but we were unable to refill your prescription". I stated why? Did my insurance not got through? I then asked her to proceed with as cash and I will sort later as the mediation is far over due. The CVS worker stated "No John, my pharmacist will not allow me to fill any of your prescription any more". I thought she was joking as we know everyone's first name and are very personal. I have been a loyal customer of this particular CVS and I use to really like them until today..Today's evens, Extremely poor customer service and since we are a small community I knew many people in the store not to mention my best friend with me and what the asian female pharmacist said and how she spoke to me will never ever leave my mind and after the shock left my body I cannot get the pain and hurt out of my heart and the person who I have seen for several years spoke to me in such a manner that bewildered me and the rest of the customers there were all in awe and as I was leaving one older lady approached me to apologize, which I rest assured her its not her fault. Why is there like an 80 year old lady (great grandmother perhaps) apologizing for the CVS corporation? It was that sad that this lady felt compelled to. I am the owner of a small local business where all of the town known me and I am a prominent man in our society as well as a speaker for our towns Chamber of Commerce, I hold several degrees and one is an M.B.A. so I am an educated father as well and know my image is set and the whole town know thinks something bad about me and what your co-worker said will forever defame my image and I am hoping you read this carefully because I am giving your company one chance and one day to make this right and I will leave it at that/. I(f nothing is fixed accordingly I will contact our local news press as well as finalize my contact with the associated press, CNN, and yahoo news so far. The media knows nothing but I ran-my scenario by them pretending "IF THIS SCENARIO HAPPENED (WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY) WOULD I HAVE A CASE TO WHERE THE MEDIA WOULD LAUNCH MY ISSUE THAT HAPPENED WITH WORLD RENOWNED CVS PHARMACY? All 3 media's stated they would without hesitation launch this issue and a couple also mentioned monetary compensation for my personal problem that CVS pharmacy has done toi me and my image may never be restored and I am currently thinking of moving and as of now my local business will not open until further notice because I cannot face anyone in my community after what the Asian Pharmacist stated to me and spoke so loud and clear that everyone within a 30 foot area easily heard and more that 25 or 3 times to ensure that everyone heard what she had to say about me that has cause my image to be defamed and now I cannot open my business, there fore losing thousand each day and now thinking of moving at least a couple of hours away. you are probably wondering what is so bad? Well read the next paragraph and you will see... So after the young lady at the register grabbed the Asian female pharmacist to tell me why she will not fill my prescriptions and to make myself clear she said "ANY NONPRESCRIPTION EVER AGAIN". So the pharmacist approached me stating that law enforcement has contacted her telling her to not fill any of my prescriptions again? So she told me this..."JOHN I AM SORRY BUT I CANNOT FILL THIS PRESCRIPTION AND I WILL NOT FILL ANY PRESCRIPTIONS EVER AGAIN AND ALSO PLEASE DON'T EVEN BOTHER COMING IN HERE EVER AGAIN". I and the other customers waiting in large conversation area suddenly because silent and as I stood there in shock looked around to see everyone in amazement as well and with all their jaws dropping to the f;floor. I stood there in a deep silence and all I can hear is this Asian lady pharmacist continuously defaming my character by stating that "i cannot even purchase anything here ever again also", and the pharmacist instructed everyone in the store to never ring me up for anything ever again". I could not believe it at all. The workers didn't even know anything about this and were also in shock but many also pretended to not hear but rushed more quickly..As the pharmacist gave me a chance to speak I asked her "what are you talking about? Is this a joke? What is going on? Who told you to refuse service to me that will influence my heath right now and tonight as I am not without any medication and hurts even more because I broke my leg 3 weeks ago and now this also. I repeated there must be a misunderstanding here and she insisted that IO leave but I wanted to know more. The pharmacist stated that she still has the form the police gave her telling her to never fill my prescriptions ever again. As she left the original lady at the register murmured under her breath, "John there is not form from the police"!! I am now feeling as if I am in a bad dream and now a nightmare. I am so glad that my 8 year old daughters is not with me and that its my best friend instead who was more shocked than me and he wants me to sue CV S's for allot, but I feel 1 day and 1 chance to make this right is the best thing to do since I now have to move out of my home and as far possible so when I eventually get settled in can try again to be what I had today prior to about pm, but now its all gone and now barricaded inside of my home feeling like a sad, depressed, and hurt recluse...So as the pharmacist went to the back of the pharmacy I can see here ducking and dodging behind the medicine cabinets while holding a phone to her ear and talking to someone and eventually ducks and leaves through the back door and glances at me one last time prior to leaving out of the back door. All Can think about is "Who is he talking about". At that time I called my attorney for advise and was told to leave asap because there is something fishy about this and to leave immediately and before I leave the pharmacist at the register whispers to me" John sje is calling the police and there is no form, but good luck Sir" and I repeated with a "Thank you" as I grabbed my friend to leave while still on the phone with my attorney who also is eager to start filing asap tomorrow but I thanked him and told him that I am going to hold off tomorrow and if I hear nothing then we can start on Wednesday will full speed if necessary, which gave my legal council all day tomorrow to get their plan together in-case your company decides to ignore me and not fix this...If this is ignored I think that with the several forwards of this message will reach at least 30 higher personal from the Store manager and district manager allot the way up to your high executives and perhaps the CEO and SEO, but its up to your organization to fix this problem fast and quickly before it spirals out of control on Wednesday that will surely disrupt the stock price negatively as well as investors thoughts as well as the new image of CVS being portrayed by every news press covering this nation and if my image being defamed is bad then lets see the image of CVS by the end of the week and how much it could change within a mater of days and when I heard the enthusiasm of the 3 presses I spoke to earlier guarantees my issue getting resolved and if your company don't want to resolve it them I will speak to the nation of the autocracies commit-ed upon be by the company you work for and why should a prominent man in society and business owner who is affiliated with speaking and involvement within several Chamber of Commerce's of Central California. I still cannot believe that this Asian female pharmacist has lied about me to defame my character but why? I have not had any legal issues recently and the last thing was minor 14 months ago so what is the that prohibits CVS from filling my prescriptions to treat my bad back. I was involved in falling off of a 100 ft cliff about 13 years ago, thus breaking every bone in my body and months later could walk especially after being paralyzed and many back fusions, cage, bolts, etc and a year or 2 ago had to have another back surgery. with all of these back surgeries my back seems to constantly convulse and my prescriptions control this and now my back is continuously painfully convulse and in dire pain and since I am out of all my medication will be forced to suck up the pain and muscle spasms until I can get into a VA clinic in LA because I have no insurance and especially no money so I am now forced to get a 3 hour ride to Los Angeles because this was one of my last pre-paid medication refills made by my old insurance that is no longer effective but will cover the last string of refills due but now I'm stuck in pain and have nothing to do about it and now until I can Make an app t. with the U.S. military VA affairs and YES I served almost 10 years for our country and i bet out nations medium will love to hear how a former European peace keeper/War hero is being treated by this pharmacy and I cant wait until I track down a bystander who video taped the whole even and by tomorrow morning will have the take so I hope to hear from you soon. A prominent person in society, a father of an 8 year old daughter, Owner of local small business owner and largely affiliated within the community from Santa Maria to Paso Robles Ca. I have been in the military and have done allot of tours and left with honor able discharge from 1993 to 2001. Almost died in an accident but surviving after breaking every bone possible but surviving, especially after chopper paramedics told me that I will surely to die soon and pumped my up with morphine because the female medic stated to me that she wants me to die in a peaceful sleep with no pain and I remember her telling me my fate over 13 years ago and I survived as I told her and later after my recovery revisited her and this time walking and alive, which she doubted.. I have faced so many obstacles in life but I never thought this is and now I am stuck inside unable to go outside to confront my neighbors and looked ashamed upon and extremely embarrassed and no word can ever feel with the hopelessness I felt as well as the constant current confusion. I am now losing money by closing up business until this clears and possibly going to move also and perhaps prior to Thursday or Friday. I never thought I would have to sell my business but now who would buy it from me as everyone is rumoring my business is cursed after hearing what your pharmacist said thus representing CVS by her words, actions, and red uniform jacket with CVS in large letters so Ill just close my shop up, sell my home for low if not now foreclosure because like my business who would now want to own a home or business after being talked to so negatively and now cannot even show my face in CVS ever again and I wont anyways if I was able to but causes much sadness to over hear those words coming out of her mouth.."JOHN YOU CANNOT FILL ANY PRESCRIPTIONS HERE EVER AGAIN AND ACTUALLY I DON'T WANT YOU BUYING ANYTHING FROM HERE EVER AGAIN ALSO" What constitutes this? I have no clue what is going on so please fix this asap and if I don't hear from you tomorrow by3 pm I will forward this email, the video etc to a;ll presses that I can tomorrow after 3 until end of day on Friday so if you think I would spend an hour emailing you as we'll as bluff? well only one way to find out so don't contact me and lets see what happens here and I really hope there snit just 1 more case just like mine that is found out in the process of all news releases when another person just like me has been banned from this CVS also. Anyways enough typing because I might as will start packing. I cant believe the whole 180 turnaround today. Just yesterday I was in church with the near entire town and today in Chamber of Commerce m,meting with out local businesses, etc looked up upon and now feel casted out of heaven. With my last surgery I was on disability for 3.5 years and I was told by my attorney that my prescribed over $93,000 in medication alone and all were filled at CVS and maybe Ill start Thursday morning getting everyone I know in an assembly and perhaps start picketing Thurs/. morning also. So ;lets call my bluff but at the end Ill still have to move but to see CVS collapse in ruins through bankruptcy will;l happen or your company will shut me up with a large yum but someone will win who and its all in your hands but I'm not MESSING AROUND HERE. and I'm tired of being sad all day from, what a little Asian lady has done and has ruin ed my image, credibility, defamed my charterer and witnessed by dozens of customers to which I know at least 6 and they will all testify on my behalf stating this act was premeditated as she after being told stood filling her last bottle contemplating on what to say as I could read her thoughts of anger on her face as she finished up prior to first telling me putting me in about a 5 hour shock and just recently got the feeling to subside a bit. I also think that what happens when all of the kids parents start talking and the kids get wind and start picking and making fun of my daughter? Is this going to be fair to her when this happens? And this all happened because some small avian lady that works for you had to do this horrible act of kicking me out, banning me, and refusing to give me media cal treatment by refusing to medicate me when these medications have been contentiously prescribed to be and only me. I have never sold them or have misused them and absolutely no legalities with that also so I have no clue whatsoever what could have promoted this but I guarantee that there is something wrong here and its going to fall back on CVS..Even if I DID do something wrong, which I did not is the way your pharmacist handled the situation appropriate by tingle the entire store have knowledge of my HIPPA privacy medical issue to be known to the public because yelling oyut what i am prescribed then telling me and everyone else that | am banned, kicked out, and to never return is absolutely inappropriate and having an MBA I know every aspect of businesses, consulting, and employments law and every thing that came out of her mouth violate a law either to me at toward me so please think this through as a lump sum cash settlement with a disclosure statement signed by me to relocate and never to speak of y this again and never return to this area is fine with me and Ill promise to never speak of it again. I don't want to speak of it again or ever to this bad memory but its your call but if I have toy make this my new life calling then GOD as my master I will devote my life to making this my new life effort because if you can't shut me up tomorrow then you will Verne be able to shut me up and eventually you will see the collapse and next RITE AID will be purchasing your remainder of stock for pennies and buying your com[p-any out of bankruptcy thus making RITE AID 3x as powerful as yesterday...Let me known asap because Im pissed and going to let the world know what has happened but will eventually find out when my legal council files paperwork by Friday of you do not act fast tomorrow...;I really hope we can talk and get this worked out because I would really hate to see what will happen and Ill make kit my life-long ambition until I see it collapse so if you think this bad rumor that evolved from something beyond my-knowledge but obviously something big or something a big lie and I know its a big lie because I haven't even been pulled over in 14 months so I know its a huge mistake...A HUGE MISTAKE UPON THAT ASIAN FEMALE EMPLOYED BY CVS, SO Ill TALK TO YOU SOON... John C****** 805-325-****
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Ive had the same problem with this pharmacy


I forgot to say Im sorry to 9-J-J for posting the ad pretending to be Urgent computer Guys. I wanted you to be against them and it worked by my boyfriend has made me feel guilty about this so I must confess and Im, sorry. Thanks Hector for your love, support, and great guidance...


The above comment is correct by a Mr. Jason...I did make this all up and it is time for the pissed consumer to delete this blog and post.

I did make up all of that nonsense in august and I hoped that it would surface on its own but it did not so I had to show everyone on Craigslist computer services what I want them, to think John Chudoba is but it is actually false and made up by me.

When I initially heard of the urgent computer Guys, I started monitoring their performance and advertising and as the weeks passed the more urgent computer Guys vehicles and logos were being seen and also our profit margin decreased and to the point that I have to budget my money and food expense, but Im sorry everyone for trying to get everyone against a solid and upstanding citizen but what their have their is exactly my dream and my garage and being solely mobile really hurts and as the years pass and my age increases so does my opportunity to become the largest computer geek in the world (and it hurts even more to give up my company the "computer geeks" and join forces with Ian at Slo computers) But what was I suppose to do when Best Buys serves me with a cease a desist to drop the Geek name from my business? do as I did at the urgent computer guys location...shake, tremble, cry, and go home...Anyways I am sorry for making this blog and lie to a perfect business man and professional person especially when he was mature enough not to bew confrontational when I barged into his store like a bat out of *** speaking loudly and obnoxiously hoping the police would arrive before my *** got handed to me but John was very professional and handled this with experience and with respect and kept calm while I was irate that he had too many craigslist postings smothering my ads causing a decline in business, but you can take the person out of the park, but you cant take the park out of the person (I live in Slo but was born in Middlesborough trailer park...)

Anyways, Urgent Computer Guys I AM NOT DONE!!!!


"What will happen when kids parents start talking, and kids get wind and make fun of my daughter? Is this going to be fair to her?" If people talk to your kid about this thats a wake up call to you!

It is not CVS fault you went Pharmacy Shopping, doctor shopping, invented fake prescriptions, or whatever it is that your complaint implies but you wont say. Sorry you fell off a rock 15 years ago but THERE ARE NON-OPIATE PAIN MEDS and a lot of treatments that pain mgmt doctors can do that do not involve opiates at all


Dear John Chudoba,

You weren't hacked. No one believes that.

:roll Here's what happened: You thought that people would sympathize with you. Even though you admit to taking narcotic painkillers, which are the biggest cause of overdose deaths in this country, you thought it'd be okay to leave out WHY you were banned from the pharmacy. In fact, whatever you did was SO severe that the cops were about to arrest you, had you not left when you did. You also admit to having trouble with the law, but not within 14 months..

as if that erases your history. :grin

You thought people would read this complaint and be impressed by your bragging. You thought the audience would think, "How DARE they deny narcotics to a Prominent Man Of Society? :eek How DARE they deny drugs to Someone Who Went To College?

:eek How DARE they deny drugs to a Chamber of Commerce Speaker? :eek This Father and Business Owner Deserves Drugs." :x

And then you played the sympathy card. Even though you're such a prominent and respected guy, you somehow have no insurance and no money. And they were RUDE when you tried to scam them!

:sigh You felt like going home and crying. :cry A grandmother comforted you. You're really just a big teddy bear... one that has an arsenal of lawyers and media ready to pounce and destroy CVS!

:( You somehow have this arsenal at your disposal.. without any money.

Judging from the other comments, you have a history of Doing Bad Things. Luckily, this website has preserved this complaint alongside your full name and company name, Urgent Computers Guys in Grover Beach CA.

A Yelp review reveals that your business has a One Star rating. You have literally been accused of "illegally enslaving people". Pretty bad for a prominent society man.

What goes around, comes around.

Good things happen to good people, and now you're finding out the flip side of that. :grin Sincerely, A Group Of Super-Respected Very Prominent High Society People That Are Currently Having Many Laughs At This Review


Agreed, what a ***! He definitelty needs therapy!

I had a similar experience with Mr. Chudoba's storefront business (Urgent Computer Guys) in Grover Beach today. He defamed me online, refused to deal with the problem when I visited his shop to discuss, had his minions argue with me and tell me to leave his shop and called the police. He even resorted to racial slurs against me.

Even though he has a Hispanic (?) name he has a problem with others who don't have American accents or look or talk American enough for him! Apparently he has a problem when someone asks him to leave their shop and when he feels defamed but he's quite happy to do so to others!

If he can't hold his head up in Grover Beach that his own doing and if he has to sell his house and his business and leave the area that would actually be a good thing! John, you reap what you sow and karma's a ***!


I work at a clinic as a medical provider and I know this sounds crazy John, but they do this a lot to patients all over the United States. After treating patients for years, like you said, 93,000 thousand dollars in profits, they will tend to do this afterwards.

They will slander you and your doctor real quick by saying stuff like, he is under investigation, he is not licensed, he is a bad apple, the FBI is watching him, or I even had a Walgreen's pharmacist tell my patient that the police narcotic unit told them not to fill our prescriptions. We all need to join forces and knock CVS and Walgreen's off their high horses.

This is the only thing they know, "Money!" I want to call you anyway... Billy


LMAO :grin :grin No you don't. You're John Chudoba, the original author of this complaint.

Notice how the only 2 comments that defend you were both posted Nov 11 from SoCal. This gives us even further insight into you... You pretend to be a doctor who agrees with a person who was BANNED BY THE COPS for scamming a pharmacy out of narcotic pain meds. :grin In reality, doctors HATE dealing with addicts because they lie, cheat, exaggerate, and nothing is ever their fault.

All one has to do is read your complaint to see that that is your mentality as well. Oh it could NEVER be your fault, it's the fault of the pharmacist, CVS, Walgreens, the cops, not your addiction because you're such a respected classy high-society rich community leader.. however you're also poor with no insurance and a pharmacist made you cry. :eek :?

For the sake of your child I hope you either get into treatment to get off opiates for good, behind bars so you can stop selling your pain meds, or both! I'm betting the first one cuz your entire complaint reads from the perspective of an addict!


You need therapy! You have a major problem sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :x :x


You are the only one who needs therapy because this guy is telling the truth and you are just telling how big your brain is????????

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Pismo Beach, California
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CVS giving the wrong pills

My local CVS keeps giving me a different birth control than the one I'm supposed to have prescribed, claiming it was the same thing! For a couple of months I was able to get them to switch it with the correct pills, but now they claim that the company "doesn't manufacture it anymore." With that, I accepted the ones they gave me, thinking maybe they are the same. I was absolutely wrong. The pills they gave me are not the same at all. For anyone who takes birth control, you'd probably understand. After extensive research on the internet I've found absolutely no evidence that my birth control has been discontinued. Not only have I been given the wrong medication, I've been LIED TO about it's effects. Absolutely unacceptable.
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Or could be Tri-sprintec, which isn't discontinued, but no longer a preferred brand by cvs. Meaning, it can still be ordered through outside vendor such as Cardinal, but has to be called in as no substitute. Not many employees are aware of the change.


If it's Loestrin 24 Fe has been discontinued by the manufacturer (All other forms of Loestrin are still being made as far as I am aware). Minastrin 24 Fe chewable tablets is the best substitute because essentially the only difference between Loestrin 24 Fe is that they are chewable tabs (same hormonal strength).

Pharmacies must contact the prescriber to make this switch though, it cannot be done automatically.

If that is what you got then they were correct in telling you it's essentially the same thing. If you got something other than Minastrin 24 Fe then that's because that is what the prescriber wanted to change it to.


Is it loestrin because that has been discontinued

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Cvs Pharmacy Pills
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In my own words, do not discourage me......

Bought two 50 foot hoses for 19.99 each at CVS a couple of months ago. Turned on the water yesterday and POP WENT the WEASEL. The end came off and now I'm left with one hose. Been searching for a way to have hose replaced but not much in the way of information on how to go about it. It seems to me there is no real liability on your part. I would have to presume all your products are of an inferior quality with no recourse on the part of the consumer. Will you respond to this missive?
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Will not refill

cvs has been providing me with one pain pill refill for 4 months,been seeing the same doctor for 12 years,get *** tested every three months,been disabled since 1992.been married for 32 years,yet they profiled me and refused refill.what the *** are we supposed to do I ask,tell me???I just am so feed up with the judgement and the looks they give you from behind the counter,they should be a big law suiet in court for theses people,try to do the right thing and there is allways someone ready to spit in your face,my advice,leave cvs along and let them go.
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yes this is a bunch of a health care worker I am sorry you are in pain and are held hostage by the pharmacy

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Gordon, Georgia

Horrible customer service minuteclinic

I took a family member to the minute clinic on Custer road in McKinney tx. After signing in we waited for about 45 minutes without anyone even acknowledging our presence. I walked over to the open door and asked the nurse practitioner Andrea about how much longer it might be so we could decide if we had time to wait or needed to go somewhere else. She rudely looked up and said "I'm busy doing paperwork". I asked again if she thought she could get to us in the next 30 minutes or we would need to leave. The only thing she said is "the longer you stand here and talk to me the longer it will be".
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Ask the store manager for the District Minute Managers name and phone number and also the Regional CVS Managers name and phone number. If the manager refuses, make sure you get the store managers name.

This many help any and or all of you. The time for their paper work is before and after working hours, her behavior is absolutely unacceptable. She is there to wait on you, not on 'her' paperwork during working hours.

Call and email every 5 minutes if you have to, to get to someone who can help you. Persistence will pay off - eventually! Good Luck!

:) (CVS employee) Anonymous from St. Paul, MN - if you don't have anything good to say, shut 'your' pie hole!


Did you shut your pie hole and go sit down or just stand there and whine ?


I don't doubt this happened! Know why? CVS employees are overworked and treated like ***.



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