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We went to Walnut Creek CVS (738 Bancroft rd.) for getting medicine for healing my chest injuries.

However, it took 1hour to talk with the medicine provider, and finally we got NOTHING. We used Japanese translator.

From his talking(of course, I partially understand what medicine provider talked), they said our insurance card is expired at the first time. However, there was no problem on my insurance card, I checked it through the Internet. Then, they said that the insurance have no word Rx, so that it cannot cover the medicine fee. Ha, our insurance card has Rx, and we explained it to them.

Finally, they said to us that the medicine cannot be covered. They say totally different things whenever we ask. We didn't come here for listening to their excuse, came here for getting medicine. It took 1 HOUR even though I had a plan to do the day.

We canceled the plan, and we tried to get medicine, but we got NOTHING.

Then, next day, we went to another CVS because I have no trust on the Walnut Creek CVS. I forced troubles two times there. In pleasant hill CVS, we got the medicine with our insurance card only for 15 MINUTES. Ha, Walnut Creek CVS medicine providers told us lies?

I checked the evaluation on the Google map in terms of Walnut Creek, it shouted to us that they received many 1. It make sense for us that we faced 2 troubles there even though we went there only 5 times.


stThe manager in Walnut Creek cvs is Shaina, and the medicine providers are Sin Yih and Austin.

In terms of medicine provider, they should be re-educated in terms of insurance.

And they should or must apologize for us to waste time and to tell wrong information. Medicine provider have responsibilities for understanding structure of contents which related to medical thing.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 738 Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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Did you call the phone number on the back of your insurance card? You don’t just get to show up at a pharmacy and expect to have coverage.

If you used CVS in last 30 days your insurance info would be in the computer! You have a lot of nerve not knowing your benefits and your pharmacy providers Katsu hamawama !


Your medical provider is not responsible for insurance issues. Be happy that they spent an hour of time trying to help you.


Hi. Did you read whole my story?

:D there was NO issue on my insuranae card that is why we were able to receive the medicine in another CVS. if they have no responsibilities, how can you explain why we couldn't get the medicine there even though we used for 1hour? the medicine was prescribed by my doctor showing my insurance card. Then doctor told me to go the walnut CVS:) we explained that medicine providers but they never listened.

one provider siad that he will provide phone number for insurance company where we can speak Japanease, but he never told us. then do you think they try to help us? then, why they didn't help us to find the phone number.

If you don't understand our feeling, I dough that you are CVS person. Anyway, we decided that we never go to the CVS


No, it was too long to read all that.

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