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today my little sister and my friend were on the way home from a really hot day at school. they decided that they would go get a drink of water from the cvs water fountain and use the bathroom.

they asked a store employee to open the room where the bathrooms are because that is at the back of the store in a separate room. the store employee gladly opened the door and let them in. after they got out of the bathroom, they were walking towards the exit when another store employee rudely yelled at them for going to the bathroom without purchasing an item. they told the employee that they had no money and she made them stand in the store until they purchased an item.

i had to drive to cvs with almost no gas, pick them up, and purchase an item.

even after i purchased the item, the store employee got an attitude and told me, my sister, and my friend to never use the bathroom anymore. i have used the bathroom in that store plenty of times without purchasing an item and nobody ever told me anything.

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@ the bitter truth...umm...my little sister is ten and she was about a mile away from home...and she was having a panic attack thinking that there was nobody in the house...do you want her to *** on your face or what...why dont you put a cork in it and shut up....ohh...and pray for my little sister so her bladder wont explode into your mouth


So you figure the world is your p*i*s*s pot? CVS exists to accommodate your over-active bladder? Put a cork in it and wait until you get home.

to The Bitter Truth #1372796

I was a paying customer tonight at CVS. In the midst of my shopping I had to pee and when I asked for an opening to the restroom I was told NO, we can not let you use it after hours.

***...what? I have to pee! You broke the law and now you are fired.

Hahaha. Hold it till you get home she says!

to The Bitter Truth #1404767

You're plain ignorant! What about the elderly or yes someone with an offer active bladder! I hope it's you one day that does through this!


I managed a CVS and I can say that, although it is company policy to encourage only paying customers to use the restrooms, if that is how the employee acted, that is wholly uncalled for. My suggestion would be to take down the person's name and contact the store's manager about the incident.

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