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My experience at the CVS in Corsicana ,Texas was worst the

pharmacy that I had ever visited. I waited 40 minutes for service.

I had to announced that I was still waiting before I could receive health.

I believed I was treated this way because I was african american.

The CVS stores that I use in Houston, Texas are Great. This was 4/27/2021

User's recommendation: Pick another pharmacy if you live in Corsicana Texas.

Preferred solution: The store should have more diversity. I saw no African America and be more sensitives..

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Go back to third grade and learn grammar! Stop this hooked on Ebonics stuff!


Then don’t read it. Plain and simple.


Hahaha loser!!!!


Hahaha loser!!!!




Did you turn in a prescription to be filled? You have no idea where you were in line.

Just go to the pharmacy that you think exists that serves your needs quicker. You are nothing and have no say.


Sigh the race card. How immature.


What do you mean by before I could receive health??? I do Not understand What you mean by that.


When someone tries to claim racism without proof nothing makes sense.

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