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My name is Andy Shaw,Ive been a CVS customer since it was peoples Drug store, my CVS phone number is (202)396-****. On Monday May 25 2020(memorial day) I had a horrific incident with a store manager at one of your cvs store,asi was shopping before I could get any items I was approached by what may have been the store manager and he asked me did I needed any assistance, I replied no! He than followed me through the store, I noticed this so I asked him can I help you,he asked me to leave the store, I replied what did I do?

The store manager didnt tell me he just wanted me out.at the same time a police officer was in the store, MPD officer M.Boyd Sr.

The store manager told the officer for me to leave,I tried to speak with the officer and he told me leave or be barred from the store,

Ive done nothing wrong, than the officer called for a transport wagon to have me put out,fearing for my life and safety I left the store feeling humiliated.and no wrong doing.

Preferred solution: Apology.

CVS Pharmacy Cons: Managers are always rude and unfriendly.

Location: 1755 Columbia Rd Nw, Washington, DC 20009

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You included incorrect information in your complaint. CVS Pharmacy Did Not used to be called peoples Drug store.

It was called Consumer Value Stores . So, why did you include incorrect information in your complaint?

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