I bought a cvs brand face and body bleach which was noted as gentlier than the competation.

I followed the instruction on the box and mixed the activator and cream and applied on my face. My skin started burning so i washed it off.

To look into the mirror with horror. My face was burnt and there were black marks on my face.

and my skin was burning really bad. applied ice to soothe but the burns are pretty bad.

this product should be banned. I use bleach regularly and have never had a problem. I'm not sure if the scars will go.I'm very angry.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I left the bleach on for exactly 8 minutes and my face is burnt!!! Anyone had the same problem please help. Suggestions?


Same thing happened to me! This product is dangerous


I purchased a bleach to use on my face and low and behold the mouth and skin near my chin turned bruised black and blue. Still have to deal with my bruised dark skin after 20 years.

Am planning to see a Plastic Surgeon.

Cannot do much to correct this. Should have hired a Attorney at the time my skin got burned.

There is makeup coverage .

Sacramento, California, United States #911966

Yes, yes, yes. .

I am sorry for you. I prayed that it works.

But alas , no.

thanks for the review and we will not be purchasing the product.

Waukegan, Illinois, United States #798228

Why is your comment HERE and not followed through to FDA.gov (which is where you are *instructed to do* on *EVERY FDA-Approved product* or call or email with any adverse/ allergic reaction(s) to said product)? Unfortunate, but commonly Typical.

Imaging for me:

A dog who wants to get an annoying squirrel; but instead of chasing it to the one tree Mr.

Squirrel ran up into--the mindless mutt decides to BARK up into a different tree's trunk... Mr. Squirrel looks at this foolishness & can only chuckle.

SEE how ineffective it was to share personal experiences to the WRONG place (tree) ?

If you don't..

Not one will contact you, from the manufacturer's company, NOR our FDA concerning your injury...

USE YOUR NOODLE AND TELL SOMEONE THAT HAS THE ABILITY TO HELP IN THE FUTURE..I have not one doubt that something similar WILL happen with you *again*-- learn from this previous 'lesson'...START living proactively ;)


The exact same thing happened to me and I've been using bleach for almost a decade!

This just shows the quality is sub par!

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