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I am a very unhappy customer. This morning I went into the store #4014 to purchase four (4) $500.00 Visa Gift cards and the store clerk, "Josephine" absolutely refused to sell me the gift cards unless I paid cash for them.

David, the store manager on duty stepped in and took over handling the transaction. I've purchase gift cards multiple times a week at CVS with my American Express card and I have never had an issue. I honestly thought I was having a nightmare. I have been shopping at this location since the day the store open because it's less than 500 feet from my condo.

I would like for the district manager and store manager to speak with Josephine and the other store employees regarding store rules, procedures, and customer service. I would also like written reply from the corporate office regarding this issue.

Review about: Cvs Pharmacy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Staff training inadequacies, Employee attitude or service.

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If you don’t like. Don’t go there.

You are not that important of a person. No one cares for anyone.

Have you ever worked in retail and didn’t know all the policy.

You are the reason why people hate retail.

If you don’t like it. Get out of it.

Don’t go. You cause your own stress.


You're either a criminal or were being scammed by a criminal. Both situations are the reason that large amounts of gift cards cannot be purchased using anything other than cash or cash equivalent.

If you were a legit customer you would have asked why and accepted their reasoning as it's the same reason at all retail locations but no, you were just mad that you couldn't proceed with your scam or to be scammed and came here trying to shame people for doing their job.

You should share your photo and your name so we can see your criminal record.

Actually, if you were being scammed you would be thanking CVS from saving you from a huge loss so again, it sounds like you're the criminal.

Again, share your name and photo with us. This would be interesting.

Bayside, New York, United States #1301249

Sounds like you are trying to launder money; the kind of transaction you describe reeks of tax evasion or structuring both of which are illegal activities.

I am surprised they would sell you $500 cards on a recurring basis.

to martingrank #1396689

She's using a CC to purchase the gift cards so I doubt she's evading taxes or laundering money since CC companys keep close watch on their purchases and keep very good records.

Fullerton, California, United States #1299853

You claim you have been shopping at this store since it opened, sorry I don't buy that. The store was open for more than seven years, clearly you were not shopping here before you were born.

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China #1299845

"was having a nightmare"

Drama much? Were you really having a nightmare because you couldn't buy a gift card?

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