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CVS will cut employee hours and expects 1 person to do the job of 3 people but then the company gets upset when their Triple S score goes down.The company only cares for themselves not the employees.

I worked there for 3 years never called out & always showed up to work on time. I decided to quit and gave the company a 1 month notice trying to give them enough time to find a replacement. Eight months later after quitting I received 2 old checks which should have been given to me. Both issue dates on the checks were written at later dates after leaving the company so I had no way of knowing I was receiving 2 more checks.

That just shows you how much the store managers are cleaning out the pay stubs and checks out of the safe. They could have at least given me a call to tell me I had checks I would have went and picked them up. I am still trying to get my 2 checks re-issued and have now learned it's all of CVS that sucks.

People working payroll and HR keep giving me the run around on my checks.I wouldn't recommend working for CVS they are absolutely horrible to their employees!

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All CVS Pharmacy stores in the communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey are open to serve the prescription and/or emergency supplies needs of the community, except those listed below.


A mobile pharmacy unit has been set up outside the NRG Center in Houston, where evacuees are now able to pick up prescriptions, purchase over-the-counter medications and receive recommended vaccines. The mobile pharmacy will be in service from 8 am to 8 pm.

Huntington Beach, California, United States #1353889

I tried to send an email to cvs management about a problem, and the system for complaints is set up so that I was not able to send the email, so I gave up.

The cvs we use is at Bolsa Chica and Warner, Huntington Beach, California I noted the drive in window has an installed slide out box for change return and product delivery.This takes up a lot of space between the window and the employee, and they are routinely standing on something and leaning out over the counter to conduct business.

as the slide out window does not do the job it was designed to do. I asked the employees, about it, and they said that management does not seem to want to fix the problem.

I believe most cvs locations have the same problem.The employees go into contortions to provide product and change, and it looks a bit dangerious.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1353836

Don't work for CVS.My son worked there .His drawer was short and they fired him.

My issue with that is his drawer was never counted when he started or counted out at end of shift.

How do we know if someelse messed up.They know he didn't steal because they checked the video.

Forest, Mississippi, United States #1327352

I completely agree!

The experience at my store was different, but the uncaring atmosphere was the same.

Ethics line sends all complaints to district manager.Every employee in my store has made complaints about the store manager doing things that are illegal and against policy.

The complaints go to the district manager, who informs the store manager of who made the complaint and what they said, so that the store manager can unfairly punish them. The environment is hopeless. You are threatened with poor reviews if the store is featured on your application. You will have your hours cut or be scheduled for times you can't work until he has a reason to fire you.

If you are part time, or sick, and the store is short handed, you will be made to work full time hours while receiving no benefits.

No one will help your hostile work environment.

You deal with mistreatment, or you get fired.If you quit, you will be told you have been fired anyway.


I'm still at cvs, it is bad, here we have a bad storm as Woonsocket is closed, and all the DM 's are home, nice and warm are store and many others are open in Boston mass. We suffer while they sit on there *** not caring about there employees safety! Until there's a law suit.

Santa Rosa, California, United States #1286364

Employee: Denise at the Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa California store.

I have shopped at this store for many years. Every time I walk in the door, Denise greets me and my family with a friendly Hello.

This makes for a pleasant shopping experence. It is nice to have a neighborhood store where employees care about their customers.

Diane Ballard and Cheryl Neuberger

Bronx, New York, United States #1233642

I currently work for CVS as a cashier and it is torture.Even though I only work part time, I get *** hours and pay.

I have absolutely no help from my coworkers. I always have to the job of three people. When I call for help, my managers & coworkers get frustrated with me. I'm quitting soon once I start this other job because I can't take it no more!

Please anyone that sees this don't work for CVS.They're even worst than Walmart!


Tell me something I don't know!

Danville, California, United States #1196284

Oh, the stories cvs employees could tell!Reading through several of these posts, the stories could have been from the cvs I worked at.

Mgrs who belittle employees in public, hours cut for front-of-store employees (but not for mgrs or dist employees!) in order to "balance cvs payroll", harassment of employees ...unless you are one of the newly hired friends of the mgr. Then you get all kinds of perks and raises. There are so many reasons cvs deserves to be investigated by the labor board...and become unionized! I've left to save my sanity.

But those who still work at cvs should QUICKLY call the union and bring the union into that workplace. It is the only way employees will ever treated better. So far cvs only has the goal of Increased Profits ("to enhance shareholder value") for those on Executive Row. A couple years ago Larry Melo, the CEO of cvs made over $307MILLION for the YEAR...

Notice I did not say "earned". Cvs makes it money by buying established companies and buying market share. With a ceo that makes well over $300MILLION per year, you'd think the company would be able to at least offer a sane medical plan for employees. Nope...

the price increases each year are horrid. I left when I was paying incredibly high amounts for insurance with a $1500 deductable - for one person. As a cashier, I just didn't earn enough money to be able to afford to see a doctor!

And yes....my paycheck was routinely "Short".

Miami, Florida, United States #1191916

In my second time going to shop at a cvs pharmacy, i've seen a old woman costumer been ignored by a joung girl who was working there as a clerk, the mrs got upset and was trying to call the cvs manager, who never came up, so bad average for the second time, or not?

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