I happened across this site and figured it would be a good place to repost the Yelp review I posted regarding my local CVS pharmacy...

First... I have no issue with the majority of the clerks who you pick up your prescription from and pay. I have been using the pharmacy for a LONG time... back when it was Long's, probably around 10 years at least. None of my issues occurred until CVS took over, I don't know if that is related.

As anyone who has used this pharmacy knows, they are horrid at having your prescription ready at the promised time and seem understaffed. This in itself isn't a MAJOR issue for ME, because I am patient and also possess the ability to use my brain, so I started requesting my prescriptions filled a day before I planned to pick them up. Standing in the often long line for the pharmacy, I've often watched the people in from of me grow increasingly impatient as we waited in line. It is often the case that when people ahead of me reach the counter, they are told their prescription isn't ready yet... it has happened to me enough times, so I adapted. If this was the only issue I would never be taking the time to post this; the issues I have experienced have gone so far beyond this that they enter the realm of the absurd.

1st problem... I started getting SALES CALLS from the pharmacy, pushing me to refill prescriptions that I didn't need refills for yet. Seriously? Nobody likes receiving sales calls, but your pharmacy calling and pushing you to refill a prescription you haven't refilled in a while blows my mind. Making this even worse is the fact that for some reason most of the calls from this pharmacy are made by a woman with such a thick accent as to be practically incomprehensible. I consider myself patient and pretty good at understanding people, whatever their accent; however, I consider it rude to ask someone to repeat themselves more than twice... if I can't understand what they are saying the first 3 times, I pretty much give up. No joke, I have seriously thought about why this pharmacy seems to use this woman to make outgoing calls... is it because a lot of prescription customers are elderly and when they can't understand what she is saying they just end up agreeing to it?

2nd problem... I had a prescription that needed a renewal. I use the CVS website to refill my prescriptions. I requested a renewal for this prescription, received a confirmation e-mail (I must point out that, unfortunately, these confirmation e-mails never specify what they are confirming) and waited the standard 4-5 days projected for a renewal. I checked the website to see if my prescription had been renewed and it seemed to indicate that I had never requested a renewal. I took my confirmation e-mail in to the pharmacy and inquired on the status. I was told that there was no renewal request for me. I told the man I HAD requested a renewal on the website and showed him my confirmation e-mail. He did not know exactly what to say, but told me that the website does not register the prescriptions sometimes... nice! He told me he would personally fax the renewal request to my Dr in Alameda right away. I waited 4-5 days, checked the website, prescription again did not show as filled. I went in to the pharmacy and inquired on the status of my prescription and was told it had not been renewed yet. I explained my prior attempts to get this prescription renewed. I was told my renewal request was faxed to Auckland rather than Alameda (that is not a joke). The female assured me she would personally fax the renewal request to my Dr right away. I wait 4-5 days, no prescription. Its worth pointing out that this prescription is for a non-generic medication, in other words a major money maker for the pharmacy. At this point I gave up on having this medication renewed here.

Third issue... received call from CVS pharmacy, didn't answer it since I don't take sales calls. A few days later I received a msg that my prescription was ready. I had not refilled any prescriptions, at this point I was transferring them to Target (who has been EXCELLENT in EVERY WAY). I called to inquire about this and got the woman who I can't understand. The best I could make out of her answer was, "Aren't you going to need it?". The pharmacy is filling MY prescriptions because THEY want a sale? Seriously?

I've contacted CVS through their website regarding these issues multiple times. Quite to my amusement, in relation to the third issue, which had ended my relationship with the CVS pharmacy, CVS later told me that management at the pharmacy had spoken to me on the phone regrading the issues and hoped they were resolved. I assured them that nobody had spoken to me, as I have their number blocked and apparently the management team is lying to them.

This is all true.

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All these “issues” yet you block managements’ numbers, making it impossible for them to contact you for resolution ... and any calls that do go through you don’t answer.

You, sir, are impossible to please.

Have fun at Target pharmacy! (Which btw is also owned by CVS)

Dallas, Texas, United States #1125313

why don't u consider an independant pharmacy the cost is the same copay yet they will treat you with utmost repect


the reason you got the calls and messages is because you must have opted in the option, its easy to fix just tell them you do now wish to be contacted and not to auto renew your prescriptions. communication does wonders.

Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #883016

I agree, The retail setting is all about the money in pharmacy. Corporate executives get a bug up their *** and send down the wish list on what the focus should be for the the quarter and local management embraces (*** kissers) instead of looking at the real issues locally.

Cutting pharmacy technician hours or payroll monthly does not build loyalty with the work force and is resulting in a cut in moral across the board with all companies. Patient care will suffer unfortunately..

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