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I have had so many issues from pharmacist not answering my questions but standing in front of me sayin "you're right, you're right you're right you're right you're right and I'm going to tell you you're right" I've been discussing plenty of my problems with Sam Hinton, I thought he was in charge of all the pharmacy problems (well I am going to have to take this further) Sam is not doing his job because the problems with the pharmacist goes on again... I'm talking about the last year never getting my perceptions correct.

Weather it's not my pills but in my bag I picked up, oh when I moved from one cvs to another closer to me, I asked so many times to let me help with moving my meds to that store and cvs refilled at least 6 old prescriptions I hadn't taken for a year specifically an old anxiety (Valume) that I took by mistake and had to be rushed to an ER and couldn't talk I was just beyond dizzy and the ER does a drug test and ask if I take anyone else's Zantac or bendsodiamapenes, because I was so out of control and brought all of my perception bottles in a bag and sure enough my cvs had filled not only 7 others I didn't take anymore but the valume got me a 4 day hold in the Psychiatric hospital. It's so much worse though. Now my record says I was on drugs they filled because no one paid attention. It gets so so so much worse.

I honestly don't know where to continue after the initial fill everything I took in the past. I have had a pharmacist from ***-like I said she was talking so loud the customers even heard her saying " yes you're right yes you're right -you know it all don't you" see that's just one incident of at least 12 more attitude problems and 15 more medications that don't make it into my body because some pharmacist has an attitude and thinks I have no idea what is going on. It would be important to tell you that this was the second cvs to screw up my seizure medicine and my pain medicine and my sleeping medicine and my medicine for estrogen replacement. This is just what happened last week!!

I know what is going on, I've complained about the pharmacist whose name is Ebella and last name I can't spell, of te cvs on Holmes at Red Bridge in Kansas City Missouri. I can't get any helpful answers I can't get the cvs pharmacy manager over all the pharmacies to make a call of what needs to be done and only passed the issues on to someone else. He's not aware of State and Federal law, he won't sit down with me in person so that I can have a conversation with the pharmacist and I by law can have a personal medical assistant to sit in and hear all of the problems in person, I've asked to record the conversations with him so my Attorney could hear as well as the School that trained the pharmacist the right to hear about a student misrepresenting the college as to keep a good name and to assure the pharmacist program they offer is aware of what the pharmacists are doing. I have read up on state and federal laws as well as having 30 plus years of experience and a doctor of 30 years as well that hears all about the problems and screw ups by the cvs pharmacy pharmacist.

He (doctor) is a very very well known and the best in our city. I'm right now going through withdrawals because my TWO DAY HEADS UP CALL I GIVE MY CVS EVERY TIME IM Going TO FILL ONE OF MY 8 monthly prescriptions, just so the pharmacist can see if it's in stock in that store so that if it isn't I would be able to go to a different cvs and get that filled-but the pharmacy does not pull up my medications on the cvs system that totally is flawed, which results in my pharmacist not taking two minutes to see if the medicine is even in that store-so at least 4 times because the pharmacist does not take the extra 2 days I have allowed just because they cannot get their act together I call 2 days ahead just to say "hey, I'm going to be calling in 2 days to request my fill on this medication I've taken time for and must do what the pharmacist does not, thus ending in 3 results. One-the medication is not in stock so I must go to a different cvs and two I don't get my medicine in my body because of her cocky attitude and continued sassy attitude and leaving me with no medicine which I just found out a month ago cvs changed a policy or the State changed one or Federal changed the way to get my "controlled" medication at a different cvs on a Friday because the pharmacist didn't look and see if something can be done or ordered or arranged to pick up at another cvs because a month old change that I really would have appreciated to know about that certain medications that even if there are refills left that I can no longer get my prescriptions at another cvs because my pharmacist didn't take the heads up call I make two or three days ahead of the day I'm going to submit my request for that prescription. So my doctor is aware and has had to take time every month (because I require a doctor to check with every 30 days) he has had to call the cvs and say what else do I need to do to make certain my patient gets her medicine in her body at the correct date...unfortunately he has been told that everything is ok and the medicine will be ready and waiting as soon as I get there AND THE MEDICINE HAS EITHER NOT BEEN FILLED DUE TO NO ENOUGH IN STOCK and some reason for not making sure 100% that everything on my end is fine.

I take the same 8 medications every month, and every prescription is in my profile to verify while I wait to see if it's going to be as should be-but always every month something gets through the cracks, or I get blamed or a major detail to ME is a minor detail to them. I know for a fact that my pharmacist thinks that if I call giving 2 days heads up-that I'm saying or asking the pharmacy to fill what I talked about 2 days in advance because a few of my meds are controlled some how that makes it necessary to call the day I want it to be ready because of the medicine being one that I am told needs me to call after the two days heads up because there isn't an auto fill on certain scripts so I call and say ok you need to fill it now. My pharmacy thinks that I DONT UNDERSTAND THE FACT THAT THEY CANT REMEMBER FOR ME OR THAT I AM *** AND THINK THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO FILL THE MEDICINE ON THEIR OWN WHEN I GET THAT 100% it just needs to be LOOKED AT EITHER BY What THE COMPUTER SAYS THAT ITS IN OR OUT OF STOCK OR TO PHYSICALLY GO LOOK AND SEE IF THE AMOUNT HAS Been LOOKED AT WITH THEIR EYES-that even though I take the exact medication every month that my doctor writes out on paper to fill, not that I'm asking them to remember what I take but at least look at my profile or whatever it's called on the computer prior and check if it's in stock or if I need to go to another cvs but if the pharmacist doesn't look at what's in stock I can't hold their hand and demand in person to go look at my profile of what I take instead of waiting until the day I submit it to THEN CHECK IF ITS IN STOCK BECAUSE I HAVE HAD TO GO TWO Times TO ANOTHER CVS BECAUSE MY PHARMACIST TOLD ME YES IT IS IN STOCK AND WILL BE HERE TO PICK UP WHEN THE MEDICATION IS ONLY Half of what I need and checking everything that assures me I will have that medication in my body when I ask for it!!!! I can't MAKE THE PHARMACIST LOOK EVERY TIME AT MY MED LIST TO HUMOR ME AND JUST SEE IF THERE WILL BE ANY COMPLICATIONS-even after this problem has happened at least 5 or 9 times before you'd think the extra attention to my needs would be a good idea.

I have complaints that I have written down , (I write every single thing that happens all day with whatever I need) and I've said to the pharmacist that every mistake will be told to Sam Hinton every time anything goes wrong. If I could do anymore in my power to help this cvs and hold their hand and walk them through the process-I will do it in an instance!!! I'm at the point in my mind that I will always need to take my time to remind a pharmacist of what needs to be done so I get my meds. THE ONE THING THAT IS BEYOND GETTING ANSWERED IS WHEN I SAY TO THE PHARMACIST IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE WHY IT ISNT SOMETHING THAT HELPS PEOPLE AND TO BE HAPPY TO HELP AND PROUD WHEN EVERYONE GETS THEIR ATTENTION THATS DESERVED-I've said so many times that I can't do this anymore and my health is deteriorating at the hand of a smartass know it all pharmacist.

Wheather it's one pill like aspirin or 20 pills that I require it should all be equally important!! I said to my pharmacist- "I don't care if you like me or hate me-I have to have my medicine in my mouth or on my body when the doctor and state of Missouri and Federal laws clearly say "don't mess up-this is important" and so my pharmacist left me a really crappy attitude message on my cell phone and of course I saved it-she wanted me to play it right then and there which I said wasn't the time or place, I'll keep it for reference-and again I said "I don't care if you like me or hate me-" and she said "I don't know you well enough to hate you" oh my gosh-mean and tacky and wrong and every person in the pharmacy hears her say this *** to me. I even called Cvs and the store manager and the Sam Hinton the very next day so no time would be wasted and ask the techs if what I said happened really happened. And I know it wasn't even sent to the right person to have any control in asking techs if and what happened.

I am friends with all the techs-I give them Christmas gifts and ice cream or go to get something they want across the street, and I said that day to a couple of them that they heard that right? And if someone from cvs asked anyone to verify what happened and was said - the very next day while it's fresh on everyone's mind and several said-they "weren't trying to listen" but the did and said they had my back and that they all can't stand her and they all know what she has done to me. Oh and my Grandfather and Grandmother were both pharmaceutical representatives back when Dorsey and Sandoz were the biggest pharmaceutical company and distributor and the company that was going to change the future and that has happened. I'm no stranger to medical problems from spontaneous pneumonthoraxs 3 times and a third of each lung removed at 20 and having a tumor on my ovary which had to be removed and thus caused me to have a total hysterectomy, and 3 broken noses, seizures for years, pain control meds, seven MAJOR SURGERIES before I was 40, not to mention the depression that comes along with so many medical problems, and knee surgery (lately) which renders me disabled-I must wear s permanent brace, my seizures so many that causes disability too, I'm in constant pain but I can't get a pharmacist to check if my medication is in stock.

I have permanent disabled problems but my mind is just fine. There are 2 --- 2 seizure medications in existence, and I take one of the two. I am in theoropy for trying to remember my past, situations, words and phrases, I can't remember my husbands name sometimes, and I can't remember sometimes the name of the seizure medication which I should and wish I could -but three days ago I did my two day heads up call-and couldn't remember the name of my seizure medication and told this pharmacist I knew it started with an "L" . The only other seizure medicine and I mean only two in existence-one starts with a "D" and I told her I knew it started with an "L" well I thought she was going to pull up my profile and help me out and say the word-no.

Instead she put me on hold two times and said I didn't take seizure medicine and was it a new medication because she didn't see it (SEE IT OR FIND IT) that depends on if my profile was pulled up, but come on, I take this -one of two seizure medications in the world, and 50/50 chance of it atleast starting with an "L" or "D" and she just would not tell me what the seizure medication that I take and I have told her about my disability and that a lot of things I have no idea how to spell or if it's on the tip of my tongue-I asked her what my seizure medication was called... no answer, I may have well found the end of my rope, three days ago asking what the name of my medication!!! I found a list of my meds, and I can't walk around but found it and said the name of it to her. That's just crappy to do to me weather it is required to answer me or not-that was weird.

I have ZERO respect for her, she thinks everyone is wrong and has no problem with announcing that she was not going to answer my question in person but that "she was going to only say yes you're right" and did over and over and over. When I ask a pharmacist the name of my medication on the phone and in person-I want the name! Period. This txt now that I'm composing is just a tiny problem about the biggest important thing in my life-my medications!

I have like I said a saved message that she swears she didn't leave, and that she didn't know me well enough to know wheather she likes me or hates me, and I immediately said "oh -so there's still time"... I have no other problem with ANYONE IN MY LIFE AS WELL AS AT THAT CVS. I want to have a medical assistant with me or listening to anything regarding her and my medication. She thinks that I think she should fill my medication when the fact is I am aware of how the process works, I just expect to know if the Rx I'm giving the "heads up" two days early just so they can make sure it's in stock-and I am not thinking even a tiny amount that she or anyone else there is supposed to fill the certain controlled medication with out my call back on the day it can be filled, I'm not ***-I wouldn't want anyone to have to do any more than what I suggest, I can't tell her what to do-but if a new policy is that she cannot look at the amount that's in stock UNTIL THE DAY ITS OK TO FILL-that two wasted days.

I don't have any ideas other than what I go out of my way to do, I'm at a loss. I can't get even one month correct and I will be keeping track of each problem each month until everything goes smoothly and goes as my doctor and I and the state and everyone with any medications expects. I have so much more I can tell about the problems at that pharmacy-and even if I change cvs's to a different one-it's the same profile of my medication correct? So I still am not comfortable with any pharmacist that won't answer a question from me two times...

this is not a final statement or sworn testimony or even false information. This is a tiny issue of so many more.

I can't keep getting the wrong medication or get no medication because some snotty employee that handles my life or death needs. I am happy to share more in detail about my experiences and hope that someone somewhere can help me with my medication and the cvs responsible to supply correct meds and answers I need to keep me alive-

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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