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Persistent out-of-stock items including weekly sale items. Store cluttered and messy.

Out-of-stock checkout racks. Poor bathroom conditions. Employees out of uniform. Pharmacy staff wearing sweat pants and yoga pants.

Expired consumable product on shelves. Missing pricing signs throughout the store. Food product in aisles not rotated to prevent the sale of outdated product. 48-minute wait to fill a single prescription.

Staff engaged in personal conversation while ringing up customers. Manager speaking on personal cell phone call while on sales floor. More shopping carts littering the parking lot than there are available in the store for customer's to shop. Lights burnt out in parking lot.

Christmas light and decorations still up in July.

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Its Christmas in July LMAO

Naples, Florida, United States #688984

1. Out of stock means someone beat you to it. Get over it.

2. Store cluttered and messy means your fellow customers are slobs. Don't be a slob.

3. Out of stock check outs means someone got it before you and the supply has not come in. Get over it.

4. Expired product means humans work there and it happens. It also means that you have no idea how to read an expiration code since every company uses a different format, and most that look like EXP are in fact not. Give it to the employee if you are concerned and move on.

5. 48 minute to wait for scripts. Boo hoo. You have to wait your turn.

6. Personal conversations with customers. Are you kidding me? When we don't speak we are rude. When we do we get YOU.

7. Manager on his cell. Maybe he is on break and how the *** is it any of your business anyway????

8. Shopping carts. Maybe if you and your fellow slobs would put your cart back where it belongs they would not be littering the lot.

Apply for a job if you think you can do it better.

to LadyScot Boston, Massachusetts, United States #836647

You must be one of the employees.

to haba***twofour Naples, Florida, United States #838592

Yes. I also work for Walmart, Walgreens, Bank Of America, Lowes, Home Depot, Red Lobster, and every other company who some *** posts a complaint about on this site.

to LadyScot #915451

I know you. You're a private contractor and your company is I'M A ***

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States #684720

There are 3 CVS locations in Norwalk, Ct . And the one on Main Ave. is one of the nicest ones I've ever been to


This response is both humorous and ignorant. Why don't you analyze this from a business perspective and think of the impact the items detailed above represent from a margin/profit perspective and the.

Provide feedback. As for the personal attack and calling me lazy, I typically not only bring my own shopping cart back into the store, but also grab a couple strays on the way. Furthermore, your comments concerning the logistical availability of retail product to supply the demand for advertised items, are extremely naive. Companies have supply chain departments to handle this and CVS pharmacy's sucks.

The process of ensuring adequate stock levels is labor intensive and tedious which causes managers to simply not bother with it at all.

Do some adequate research and then get back to me.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #681487

If you could do better, apply for a job there. I'm sure they would pay good for your perfectionism.

When a store is out of stock, even on sale items, that is because the items sold more rapidly than expected. As far as sale items go, the ads are printed quite a while ahead of time and most of them aren't printed locally, so that is a good reason that a store would be out of advertised items. What type of uniform are the employees supposed to wear, are they in the military, or law enforcement or something? I have been to doctors that are dressed extremely casually.

Why complain about out-of-stock racks at checkouts? Most of that stuff is there to lure people into buying things they hadn't planned on buying. What difference does it make to you what the pharmacy staff wears? It isn't any of your business.

Getting back to the staff being out of uniform, most retail places have a tee/polo shirt that the employees wear and then a certain color pants or skirt, it doesn't matter what type. The expeired food items could be due to the customers digging around looking for the newest date on the product. The employees can't begin to keep up with all of your requirements for a good store. The wait time to fill a "single' prescription-----do you buy any chance know exactly how many were ahead of you?

They do it on a first come, first served basis. Unless, you were doing some really serious eavesdropping, you can't be sure that anybody on a cell phone was on a personal call. When it comes to the shopping carts in the parking lot that is because customers like you are too lazy to take the cart back to the store, when they are done unloading the cart. Or when you pull into the parking lot and see an empty cart take it into the store with you.

Problem solved. If you don't like shopping at night when some of the lights are burned out, quit shopping at night or even better with all of your complaints just plain quit shopping there.

Christmas lights and decorations up in July, I don't imagine you have ever noticed all the houses that leave their lights up all year. Grow up!!!

Vancouver, Washington, United States #681437

Here's the solution: Don't shop there.

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