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I have met several people who were treated unfairly and with racism by CVS stores. They were unfairly followed and falsely accused of shoplifting.

One manager of a CVS told admitted to me that "Alot of the people who you think are shoplifting aren't, and alot of people that you don't think are shoplifting are!" When the CVS employees are unfairly watching and following colored folks around their store, they could be getting ripped off big time by white ladies with oversized purses. I have been to CVS many, many times where I have gone to the counter with my purchases, and no one was at the register, and no one was in the store. I had to go hunt them down and ask someone from the pharmacy to call them back from the back-room where they were at and still had to wait several minutes for them to come out. Anyone could have just walked out of the store with a shopping cart loaded with items, and no one would have even noticed or went after them.

but when a colored person goes into their store to shop, they are followed and given the dirtiest looks. i think that from now on I am going to start taking my business elsewhere, I think that racist people are disgusting.

I didn't like: Going to check out and no employee in sight, Having to go ask the pharmacy to call for cashier, Way they treated my nice colored friends.

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Maybe they were refusing service because you were rude, belligerent, and shoplifting. The only one with a racial issue is you.




Lol @ "colored folks"


The employees not tending to the registers probably explains why they have so many items turn up missing.

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