I have spent in excess of $500.00 for the name brand drug Ambien at the CVS drug store in Mobile, Alabama. If I had the term "dispensed as written" on my prescription I would have been able to continue using name brand Ambien at the cost of $60.00 co pay.

Instead over the last 9 months I have paid the entire cost of the drug.I go into that CVS pharmacy on average 3 times a month. Could not one of those employees suggested that I try to get the drug covered. The answer is NO.

They are making money. I am pissed.

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I agree with everyone else if you wanted the brand name so bad then you should of contacted your doctor and yelled at the doctor for not writing and checking the box for dispense as written. It's not the pharmacies fault your doctor was not paying attention to what medication you normally get. And usually if their is a generic available writing the dispense as written makes a huge difference because that sometimes makes a difference with IF your insurance will pay for it.


Soooooo, why didnt you get "brand name only" written on your RX since you knew this was the issue? I agree with the others, take some responsibility for YOUR medications

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #227266

Next time just suck it up and get the cheaper generic. I'm so sick of retard patients who say, "Only the brand works, I'm allergic to genetic." Spare me.

It's all in your head. And it's generic not genetic retard.


Your doctor was just as much responsible as CVS. And, no, I do not work for CVS and I don't get all of my medications there, but you cannot put all the blame on CVS.


also, the pharmacy makes less on brand rxs than generic, just because it cost you more doesnt mean the pharmacy makes more money. we pay way more for brands and get way less from ins.

for brands. the ins. company just charges higher co pays when there is a generic available.

Gripe at youre ins. company


Take some responsibility for your own problems sometime. the claim went through on ins.

If the dr thought you needed brand ambien, he would have written it on the rx. Instead of blaming the pharmacist for everything, find out for yourself. did you ask why it was so high? did you call your ins?

grow up and gripe at someone else for a change.

you could probl. save a lot more money if you would just take generic like everyone else.

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