I was shopping at your store at 8240 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN yesterday at 4:15pm and you had 2 employees(ladies) who were at your cash registers talking and all of a sudden I heard them make derogatory remarks about me.I stopped shopping and walked out of your store.

I am Professional and highly educated (I am the CFO of a large Gift Manufacture who sell to your company) and have never experienced anything like this before and was stunned. The 1 lady was thin & short with glasses and in her late 50's or 60's.

The other lady was tall and early 20's with long dark hair.Thank God their is a CVS store one block away.

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Store employees are not prostitutes. Take your money elsewhere if you want to get laid, pig.


For someone who is highly educated, you need to sort out your spelling and grammar before hitting on anyone.Shocking lack of commas.

You are CFO of a manufactureR not a manufacture. Thank goodness THERE is, no their is.

Provocative has a C not a K.I know 10 year olds who could have written better than this.


That is the LAMEST excuse for hitting on someone. You obviously rely on your money rather than your manners to get a date.


:) damm blackies! eat some chicken!


:grin I love my CVS in my hometown!! If you can't say something nice, you shouldn't say nothing @ all!!!!!

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