The new Store manager at the Bloomington IL store is horrible. The shelves are always empty.

You have to find someone working and ask if they have what you need. Only then will they be able bring that item for you, and when I asked why all of a sudden the change of nothing ever been stocked I was told by an employee that they are not allowed to stock the shelves anymore unless the manager has it on their list, even if the product is in the backroom and the shelf is empty.

Every time I am in there I hear the employees talking about how they are scared of the manager. My favorite employee just had to quit because he threatened to punch that employee. Nothing was ever done to him.

I have heard him talking down to his employees and some of them had been working here for years.

Its sad when he berates staff in front of customers.

That store is not a good store anymore. Mark and Karl were great managers and the store was very shoppable.

And I found out recently that if you take a survey they have on the receipt no one except the store level people see it.

I now drive out of my way to shop at Walgreens.

Location: Santa Clara, California

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