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My Dr prescibed a medication for me for 30 pills (1 ea per day) and I went and picked up the prescription from CVS. I looked at the prescition the next day and there are only 6 pills.

The QTY on the bottle even said 6 pills. I know my insurance pays for 15 pills per month and I am responsible for the other 15. But the just gave me 6. When I called and asked what was going on, they said that my insurance only pays for 6.

I told them they pay for 15. They checked and said I was right and they would give me the the other 9 pills. First of all, how can they do this ? She said that most insurances just pay for 6 so that is what they gave me.

Do they not even check to see what insurance I have ? Is someone trying to steal these pills ? Are they just trying to fraud the insurance company as well as myself by billing them for 15 and only giving 6 ? If my Dr prescibes 30 and my insurance does not cover 30, shouldn't they contact me and ask me how I want to handle it ?

I am not sure how I can get the other 15 pills even if I wanted to pay for it myself at this point. CVS could be setting themselves up for a law suit if this type of activity is not stopped.

Review about: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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yes it is true most insurance does pay for a certain amount of E.D. medication every 30 days.

Sounds like yours is not the "norm" and pays for 15/month. i've seen some pay for 4 per 30 days. We figured they let you do it every weekend. don't freak out, they will fix it.

nobody is trying to pocket your E.D. meds.


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