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Changed several RXs and planned to move all to CVS. The drive thru lane was the reason. Being a senior, parking, walking and waiting can take it's toll, so good bye big box , hello drive thru.

I was in line over 20 minutes once and 15 another. With cars behind you are trapped. Why can't the cashiers at the window very politely ask a problem customer to please come inside so the line can move on ?

I suppose management has not trained them for that.

How hard is it to say,Sorry I can't do your shopping for you while you sit here or Sorry , you can't sit here while we fill the RX.

Of course there are always people they know and do favors for, while the line sits and waits.

Fast food can keep thier lines moving without offending anyone.

If you can't provide the service I switched for, I can go back to the other store and save 3 to 6 dollars a RX.

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So sick of pharmacy drive thrus being compared to fast food restaurants. How insulting! Think about it this way: forgetting to put the chesse on your burger won't kill you, but stuffing the wrong pills in the bottle....you choose.

And the person who decided to put drive thrus in pharmacies should be dealt with (to say it nicely!)


don't ya know? It's considered rude apparently to ask people to come inside when they use drive thru?

at least that's what we are told by management?

Also, some people refuse to pull around.. so instead of taking out on the hapless employees I would take it out on your fellow a-hole customers :x


Are you people all insane(except for the ones that actually work at cvs)...some people simply cannot "just get out of their car" to go in for various reasons...medical, just had surgery, sick, whatever the reason. The drive thru is wonderful for those people, but to complain how long it takes, well, it is not fast food like so many others have stated!

Many people are just so darn impatient and really don't have a clue!

And to hear some of you with the insulting "old" jokes, shame on you! We will all be old some day and I hope what goes around, comes around to you!

signed NOT AN OLD PERSON, just someone that has a brain, and is respectful!


and who do you think you are the president ohh lets stop everything we're doing and roll out the red carpet for you give me a break it's people like you I don't understand cry me a river was your prescription for viagra? no wonder


I meant to say I totally agree with "Pissed off CVS Pharmacy techni". I did not realize new comments are put at the top.

So the numbers change. Sorry for the mix-up.


I am in 100% agreement with #3 above. What I would like to add is if people think our job is so easy, then why aren't you working there too?

People all the time are mad because they have to wait. They say to us that all you gotta do is throw thirty pills in a bottle and label it. SERIOUSLY???? If that is all it takes, then I would say everyone who is not a pharmacist should be.

If all I have to do is throw pills in a bottle and label it, then they sure pay me well for doing a job that any normal 5 year old can do. C'mon people - sit in the waiting area for like 30 minutes and just watch. You will see why it takes more than a millisecond to fill your prescriptions. And speaking of that -- do you really want me to hurry to fill your prescription?

Think about that for a minute. If a mistake is made because we hurry, you could be seriously hurt or die. In school, pharmacists are trained to be ACCURATE, not to be quick for the sake of moving people through the drive thru as quick as Micky D's. Comparing the drive thru of a pharmacy to the drive thru of a fast food restaurant shows just how ignorant you are.

People actually come through and say "Can I have fries with that?" Hahaha - that is so funny!

NOT! Hahahaha - we never have heard that one before - get a life!


get off your lazy ***.they are trained but cant go outside and push the car aside if they saY NO.i am sixty years old and never use a drive thru.to me they should be reserved for the truely lazy.if i can get into my car to go somewhere i can get out to go in.our nation has become a place of

lazy self centered people.god bless america

to senior citizen #1449552

What a stupid comment! Good for you if you are 60 years old and can walk into the store.

I’m 71 with a disability and I NEED the drive through. I’m not “lazy”, I just can’t walk that far. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you can get around easily, then thank God for that.

But don’t call people using the drive through lazy. You don’t know their circumstances. And if you can go into CVS to pick up your prescription, why are you making a comment about people in the drive through.

Could it be that you get “lazy” enough to use that service? Good grief, talk about self-centered people!And God does bless America, but with people like you, He May take His blessing away!


employees are trained to ask people to move if they know it will take time to finish them up.a lot of people refuse as you probably would.they cant go outside and push their car away.get a life.im 60 years old and never use a divethru.to me it is only a lazy way out.does someone have to carry you to your car to drive?


Let me a enlighten you a little bit, B Nealy. To answer your first question.

If there is a "problem customer" we try to handle the problem as quickly as possible (if possible) in the drive thru, otherwise what's the purpose of the drive thru. NOW, if there is a problem that takes longer than normal we DO ask customer's to come in, BUT there are some customers (I presume like yourself) that make a huge fuss about it and sometimes REFUSE to come in. Now if a customer refuses to come in the most i can do as a technician is tell my pharmacist. Now according to you, it would be better to argue with this person demanding they move rather than solve whatever the problem is with the prescription.

I choose my solution. NEXT, Management has trained us for the job we are supposed to be doing! What they have also UNFORTUNATELY had to train us to do is to is deal with rude and ignorant customers. Customers who yell at us for HELPING THEM.

Curse at us for problems that we can't even fix (insurance problems). I mean come on, is it really necessary to go around cursing at pharmacy technicians and pharmacists because you can't get your way? GROW UP. You wouldn't curse out your doctor if your insurance company didn't cover the procedure you were attempting to receive.

So WHY do customers curse out the Pharmacist and the Technician when your prescriptions are not covered. YES I know you were concerned about the drive thru but since you touched a nerve I figured I let you know how WE feel. Next point, How hard is it to say I "Sorry I won't go shopping for you"? Well considering we're not rude and inconsiderate like several of out customers (not all but several), we do not say that.

We may grab one or two thing that are over the counter for the patient but those items consist of medication and/health related items. Now after we get the item for them we inform them to call ahead of time to cut down on the time in Drive thru. And Sure we do favors, by doing our job! The same time we spend with one customer is the same time we would spend with you as long as it wasn't an excessive amount of time.

I work at a store where we fill around 800 scripts a day. Think about that for a second. Now about the time spent at the drive thru, the routine we do inside the store is the same one we have to do at the drive thru. Several questions to confirm patient and correct prescription...etc.

AND do you know how ignorant you sound comparing the drive thru at a fast food restaurant to that of a pharmacy?? You're not going to die if the worker at Micky D's gives you an apple pie instead of a small fry are you?? NO!! BUT since your in such a rush imagine if your name was Joe Miller, and (given that you aren't our only customer) there just happens to be another Joe Miller.

If we were to operate like a fast food joint and I accidentally give you the other Joe's Coumadin (a blood thinner) instead of, I don't know, Your Viagra (used for erectile dysfunction) Imagine how upset you would be then. But go ahead, please switch to another pharmacy because I don't speak for every CVS worker, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want to help you! SO DON'T YOU GET ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY ASKING HOW HARD IS IT TO DO "THIS" AND WHY CAN'T YOU DO "THAT" WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE TO WORK AT A PHARMACY DRIVE THRU!!



I get it, you don't like the lines... you say you want the employees to tell the person waiting at the window to get out of line and come in? Ok so what if when you pull up to the window there's something going on with your prescription that needs to be quickly fixed or something needs to be explained to you... would you like the employees to tell you that you're going to need to come inside because you're holding up the line? Of course not. You'd be right here complaining about that. Think of it this way - we're taking a long time with a customer to help. You should wait your turn because we're just as willing to take the time to help you too.

Other option - go inside the store and avoid the whole mess.

Best option - calm down, realize that no one is going to just sit at a drive thru window for fun - there is something going on that needs a little extra attention. This is a pharmacy by the way and sometimes people have questions! Turn on some music in your car and relax for a little while! No biggie!


Dude, you don't care about your own health enough to get off your lazy *** and out of your car to come in the store and get the medications that are keeping you alive?? A pharmacy is not a fast food place - don't expect to wheel through there in 2 mins and be on your way.

If you're too old deprepit to walk into a store, than you've probably long ago stopped being a contributing member of society. Not to mention that its our tax dollars paying for your medications.


You sound like a cranky old person. Lighten up in the coming year.

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