I frequent this location , and many other cvs location for a long time.. This particular one has a big problem for its consumers.

the empoyees drink while working.I saw one manager filling up a cup with beer while her co-worker smiled and said" you kno i have mine", which happened to b in a thermous.. It is very unsettling to think someone working in a establishment, let alone a franchise pharmacy has this goin on.. They both smelled like alcohol and were very rude.. One of the employees always is cursing and i hope thats due to the drinking..

I choose not to use this store anymore due to the fact that whoever is in charge is probably drunk as well to be so blind as to whats going on in front of his eyes.. For the sake of the good cvs employees out there , i hope this does not affect anyone in a bad way, one of the employees does work in the pharmacy and thats a scary thought to think people that are in charge of your medication are drinking while at work and laughing about it with the manager.

I used to get my childrens percriptions filled at this location.. Ty, a worried consumer..

Review about: Cvs Pharmacy Manager.

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Windsor, Connecticut, United States #656797

There's really no way this can happen LOL. Infront of camera,s in the public?

They'd be dismissed faster than you can say lop-de-doo.

Drunk and messing things up? HA I call *** on the OP.

Mybe they drink so they don't have to deal with whinny costumers like yourselves! :cry


I call major b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #656393

You know good and well the things you said wouldn't be going on where the public could see it.

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