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CVS/Pharmacy cares way to much about their fiscal year reports to the Wall Street Journal then anything else.They will cut hours and completely disrespect their employees.

Most of the time there is one Manager/Shift Manager and a cashier/clerk on duty in the front store and a pharmacist with one technician in the pharmacy. Not only does this mean they we work three or four people worth of work, but store ratings also go down. Customers are tired of waiting to be assisted, rung up, etc. And when these ratings go down, middle management blames line management and everyone under them.

Complete disrespect. Every employee is entitled to a 30 minute break if they are working 6+ hours where I work. Employees are not even allowed to leave the store for their break simply because there is only one other person working the front (manager/shift manager). Sometimes employees cannot even take breaks because of the amount of work presented, yet CVS will still cut the 30 minutes out of your pay check.

Also, the payroll system has messed up so many paychecks. I encourage everyone to count their hours beforehand and double check them on your checks because employees have been ripped off so many times.

And when we tell middle management all this, they simply say "That's not an excuse"...that should be CVS's new slogan!

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I can vouche for all you say and more.12+ year veteran of CVS and the last few years they have become an even more deplorable employer than ever.

I developed a spinal disorder while working there. I gave the management full information on my minimal needs to be able to continue to work there. All they had to do wad not have me lift more than 15lbs, not have me do any jobs requiring me to bend over frequently, and that i get my government mandated brek so that i could take my medication. Sounds pretty reasonable right?

Nope, after several repeated incidents of making me lift too much and not allowing me breaks for medication i presented them with doctors notes basically telling them to cease and desist immediately.

I also filed a complaint with cofrporate hr. I filed an additional 3 complaints in that year for continuing abuses (no breaks ect) i finally got fed up and reported the company to the americans with disabilities act enforcement with the justice department. When i told cvs i had reported them they "suspended" penpending "investigation". Guess what they fired me after a few weeks.

I am pursuing federal and civil suits.

Moral of the story do not work for nor spend ANY money at CVS ever!Dont give your hard earned money to those immoral bastards.

Los Angeles, California, United States #815344

A week before termination i had contacted Jim Meador Regional Loss Prevention Manager, I had mentioned him the situation of the store, and also Miss Portlock involved in theft still working there.First he shocked what i am talking about then he said do not get emotional, i will tell Joe Daniel dsitrict ssecurity to keep an eye on her.

I sent him an email what he was talking, joe only comes once a week she already stole it.

Few days after he told me Sarah Mangano stopped him, sent him an emial not to discuss this matter with me.:x :upset 8)

League City, Texas, United States #811776

I don't like our new pharmacist at my store. He had yell at me in front of customer,and alone. He will wait to fill c 2 until customer got there instead of time it was given to pick up.

Los Angeles, California, United States #804751

Dishonest employees always use this trick to protect their job, they call a person whom he or she knows for many years, support theft or illegal activities. It was always hard for me and new employees why these employees are doing things and not terminated. :? :? :? :?

Los Angeles, California, United States #804319

I was told by management, every one is after every one. seems like instead of pay attention to work, make progress they were looking for something. Companies can not progress if bad employees are there.


I noticed that employees usually call district managers or union to resolve issue.I was surprised a couple of employees, who do not like to work, they steals bring coflicts, how come they were calling HR MANAGER.

and why HR MANAGER was listening to them. Why do'nt they reslove issue with managers or district managers.

HR comes after, seems like those worthless employees have more power than best employees and managers, making managers out if they do not like to work.:) 8)


So this cvs specialty pharmacy I was contracted to work.I had this one cvs employee came up to me one day while I'm with the patient and started going crazy and threaten me several times.

And what I did is walk out and just cry. The manager came got me and talk to me about what happened. But in the end they fired me! They didn't even talk to their own employee I requested to review the camera so they can see them self what their own employee did.

But they didn't do anything and no reason of firing me!!!

That is a shame on the company!!!!I decided to take it to legal and file a case against communication of threat and discrimination.....

to Shhh #748714

Very simiar story happened to me, they were scared to terminate an empoyee who threatened you of that employee must know their secretes or have connections with management.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #743463

The people that run CVS run it like many other huge American corporations, they care only about their bonuses and raises. If it means stepping on the underlings to get to this promised land, then so be it. The pyramid effect is the modes operendi, whereby the store manager must take it more money than the prior year, so he, his boss, his boss's boss, etc. all get a share of the pie.

So if the cashiers and shift supervisors get hit with cut hours, or increased workload, as well as pharmacy people, than so be it. It matters not to the bosses. If employees leave, there are hundreds more in the waiting pool to take their place.

Whether the employees are super employees or just getting by, they will get a massive 2% yearly increase, meaning $6-7:00 per week, enough for 2 gallons of gas at current prices. Thus there is little reason to kill oneself for this company.

to Mr. Truthful #1365888

I can attest to this, I have taken on more work in the past year then any time before that.Even work that 3-4 people at a time couldn't finish, they are now expecting 2 people to do in one night.

While the manager shows up(often whenever he feels like it) mainly just to yell at people for not getting enough done.I have been there for numerous years now and am barely making enough money to pay bills living at my parents house as a "Shift Supervisor" seeing .5-.10 cent raises while being told I should be happy about getting that while taking on more and more responsibilities so they don't have to hire more people

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