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They keep robo calling me, told them to quit and they said call corporate, calling my lawyer instead. Thinking about protesting and etc etc.

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! I am now going through Canada and zero headaches and MAJOR PRICE savings! Save your stress level and go somewhere else, you will be glad you did!!!!!!!!

{{redacted}} bad bad bad COMPANY!!!!! wow

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Bait and switch on sale product.

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*shrug* In response to your last comment: okay. Fine.

Throw a tantrum about it. You're making a bigger deal out of this than you need to.


Last time someone did this I was awarded over $20,000 , they can do it at the store level and have before

to LeadingElephantShrew #1482234

No they can NOT do it at the store level. They can stop SOME but NOT ALL of the calls at store level. You have to call the 1-800 SHOP CVS number to stop ALL of the calls.


Also, if you call 1-800 SHOP CVS and tell them to stop calling you, they will. It really is that easy.

The pharmacy staff can't stop the phone calls from a store level. Why don't you try that before you blow a gasket over something so easily solvable?


How did the robot calls cost you eight thousand dollars?

to JellyDoll #1482338

Lost business, driving there, time on hold, stress etc. They are very good at bait and switch with there pricing as well

to LeadingElephantShrew #1482343

All you had to do was call the 1 800 SHOP CVS number.

to JellyDoll #1482344

NO! I never asked for them to call me in the first place. Now they owe me alot of money and will need even more to call them.....

to LeadingElephantShrew #1482346

PS - they don't owe you a single thing. You're behaving like a child.

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