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Today was my first time filling a prescription with CVS. When they received the prescription, they sent an automated message to my childhood home, which alerted my mother that I was filling a prescription.

This phone number was not given to them by me, and is most likely left over from when I was a minor.

Calling that phone number was, from what I can tell, a violation of my rights as a patient under HIPAA, which is a huge problem.

I called the customer service line, and the rep didn't really seem to care, and offered no apology.

He changed the phone number, but otherwise didn't seem to grasp/care about the severity of what had just happened.

Because of this, I'm filling out a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Then, I get to the pharmacy and it turns out they didn't even have it ready. Good thing I only live 30 minutes away from the CVS.

Will absolutely be using a different pharmacy next time and forever.

User's recommendation: Use a different pharmacy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 1133 5th Street Southwest, Charlottesville, VA 22902

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If there was a phone number attached to your profile then this wasn't your first prescription fill. Its your responsibility to ensure that all of your information is correct.

Do you think they have magic powers and just know your information automatically? Are they supposed to use the phone book? Facebook? Yellow pages?

Google? Unless someone gave very detailed information about your health or scripts to someone over the phone then there was no HIPPA violation.


Well thanks for your two cents.


The commenter was 100% correct. Don't get petulant just because you've realized that you are in error here.


If they have a phone number attached to your profile, then you've had prescriptions filled before and have never updated your records since moving away from mommy's house. Unless they disclosed your personal information to anyone over the phone then there was no HIPPA violation. A generic recorded ' your script is ready ' does not a complaint make.

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