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script was approved by ins 10.28- I called pharmacy to fill, of course they didnt have it so they had to order. he said it should be in monday or tuesday (2nd or 3rd) and that i would be notified.

Wednesday no notice, so i called and pharmacist said it just got in and was not ready but would be ready in the a.m. (thursday 11/5). I went after work on 11/5 and TaDa!!! its not ready!!

I was asked to come back in 20 mins and that It had to be counted.. it is an ointment!!! no counting involved. really?

NO. i asked to talk to the pharmacist, who proceeded to tell me that it just came in at 3:00 and they didn't have time to process it. I told her I knew it was there last night and was supposed to be ready for the a.m

she said I could pull over and she would fill it after she finished a Doctor call she was on! ummm again NO.

I am so done with CVS.

I don't know how they fill any prescriptions!! this is not the first time i have been through this with CVS.


Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

CVS Pharmacy Cons: Will never spend a penny again at cvs.

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Karen, I’m sorry you did not get the oinkment, but they are doing their best.


Complaint is stupid and is dismissed. TaDa!!!!!!


Did you Get the ointment? If not, why are you claiming a loss of $50.00?


How is your loss $50? What did you pay for and not receive?

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