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I have been with this pharmacy for quite some time. Never had a problem the staff has always been very respectful.

On 8/17/2018 i dropped off my prescription which i knew it was early. I even told her it was early. I asked her when could i pick it up. She said tomorow it would be filled.

I said ok thank you and left. The next day when i went to pick up my prescription i was told the pharmacist needed to speak with me. She told me i could no longer fill my prescriptions 3 days earlier anymore and that now i can only get them 1 day early. I have never received any prescriptions 3 days early.

Not to mention this was not done in private everyone could hear the conversation and needless to say i left there in tears and humiliated i understand the nature of my medications but they told me when i could pick them up. I feel i was discriminated against she was rude and not professional at all. My records will speak for themselves. And now im punished i can no longer pick up my prescriptions 2 days early now its 1.

I am pursuing this further.she had no right to talk to me like that and in front of people. I worked hard to get were i am today and she made me feel like i was nothing.

I hope you look into this matter further. Because if u dont i will

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Obviously we are talking about a controlled substance. Keep in mind your pill math stacks days, if you pick up 2 days early every time, it’s two days from the last 2 days earlier, where are your extra pills going?

By the end of the year you’re looking at a couple of weeks of pills from your added early pickups. They know what’s going on.




Have you EVER worked with the public? I take pain meds too, I ride that same roller coaster.

I can see WHY a pharmacy staff feel the way they do. Trying to be compliant with drug regs is not discrimination.

Being on pills isn’t a protected class, when I read stuff like this, all I can hope is that they don’t see me this way too. At least be honest with yourself.


A similiar situation happened to me this a.m which is why I'm researching my next step, for the second time I was told i can pick up a script on a date by a tech, diff one both times, same pharmacist came to me and said its too early . The first time it happened i didnt even care, 2 days , ok.

Today she did it again, and said 2 days more. I looked at the tech whos eyes were bulging out as if thinking what i am thinking....I ask the pharmacist "why this happened again? I didn't ask you to fill it! Your techs gave me a date and i arrive, and you tell me its two early?" I know simple math .

I tell her this is not right. And i left. Well Tuesday ( hopefully) I will go pick my script up and i want to talk with her. I was humiliated.

She made me feel very uncomfortable.

I almost cried. Instead I just left.

to EBA Komen #1624594

Your script is likely a 30 day fill. Here’s some pull math for you.

Day one is the day AFTER you pick them up.

If you pick them up 2 days early every month, those days add up, be lucky that they don’t cut your script a month to “catch you up” I’m in pain management too, at least be honest with yourself, handle yourself and keep track of your days and quit playing games. I’ve pretty much never been treated poorly by a pharmacy or staff.


Discriminated against? Most definitely!

Pharmacies are starting to refuse medications to drug seekers nationwide! The outrage!!!

Start a petition, call and write your congressperson, protest outside of the Pharmacy!!! Drug-seekers must unite and stop this extremely unfair practice!!


Actually, per your own words, they told you when the medication would be FILLED. Not when you could pick them up.

Humiliated, embarrassed, and in tears??? Really??? All because they told you that you can’t pick up your meds early? Guess what ...

no one in the pharmacy line CARES about you and your meds! They just want you to hurry up and leave because they don’t have all day to stand in line while you argue with the pharmacist.

The pharmacy was not in violation of any regulations and they were in no way required to tell you “in private” that your medications could not be picked up yet. If you are that sensitive and emotionally labile then perhaps you should use a mail order pharmacy.

to Anonymous #1585978

Maybe someone should look up the hippa law. Its my personal business what medications im on.

Second of all my son does not know and has not known for 4 years.

I dont give as *** what other people know. But i do care about my kids.

to Anonymous #1585985

I was told i could pick them up tomorow at 12pm. Thats what i was told by the clerk at the desk.


Where's the discrimination? She should have taken you aside and spoke to you as privately as she could, but I don't see any discrimination.

to Anonymous #1585983

The discrimination is that ive never received my medication early. Never gave them a hard time.

Been there going on 4 years. If your allowed to pick up your medication 1 or 2 days early that should mean everyone.

Why was i the one that was singled out. I didnt do anything wrong.

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