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I Am Angry And Shocked At The Very Bad Service I Received Today!

My Doctor Moy who is one of the most Famous Dermatologists in Beverly Hills had one of his staff members electronically email over my prescription for a bottle of special shampoo for

Tinea Versicolor earlier on today and I waited for almost two (2) hours before going over there to pick it up.

When I had arrived to supposedly pick it up which was at approximately 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon, the pharmacy technician asked me for my first and last name which is Howard Shore in which I had to spell at least twice because he could Not spell it which was fine and give him my date of birth, however, after providing my information, he claimed that my basic contact information for all pharmacy medications was Not in the system and in addition, he had NO record of being able to find the prescription that was sent over from my doctor's office earlier today which was at around 12:00 P.M. Noon!

I was Very Angry, Upset and Offended because I have been their Customer For Almost 10 Years and Never Had Problems In Picking Up Medications In The Past.

I then asked to speak with his Lead Pharmacy Manager and that was a disaster too because she asked for the exact, same information and then told me that my information was NOT in the system and that she also did Not receive my Electronically Mailed In Prescription!

Obviously Somebody Is Lying!

I was so Angry and Disgusted that I decided to contact their Customer Relations Phone Number at: 401-765-1500 (from Outside The Store) and I was on the phone for at least One Full Unproductive Hour with somebody by the name of Wolk and he did NOT do very much for me and so then I spoke with his manager, Lisa.

I must have been on the phone for at least ONE whole bloody hour and during the conversation I found out from the both of them that the REASON of Why my Contact Information could NOT be Found In The System by their Pharmacists was because somebody from their company Purposely and Deliberately entered my Date Of Birth Incorrectly by having the Month Of June Show Up, Instead Of My Birth Month Of February Causing All Of My Information to NOT Show Up!

Can You Believe This and This Is What You Call CVS Professionals???

Get Real!

This is FAR from What I Expect From CVS!

How Disgusting and Pathetic!

I know I have picked up medications from their various locations in the past and NEVER had this problem before and so the Question is, "WHO did this to ME from within their Company Internally"?

Nobody from CVS is ever going to Admit It, nor Tell the Truth and so when I last spoke with LISA earlier on today, the call and conversation turned into a Disaster in which I was on the phone with her and her department for about One Full Depressing Hour as I had explained already.

Lisa was also trying very HARD to Control The Conversation and My Personal FEELINGS by telling ME Not To Be Angry And Upset and Asking ME, the CVS Customer to Calm Down. She NOT only said those words to ME, but she LIED to me by stating that she did NOT like "MY LANGUAGE" which was a "LIE" because During The CONVERSATION, I NEVER Swore at her.

Regardless, LISA could NOT handle my ANGER and FRUSTRATION over the DISGUSTING AND LOUSY TREATMENT that she and her staff were providing to ME over the phone and so she purposely and deliberately HUNG UP THE CALL ON ME in which I did NOT care any more because I was DONE WITH HER MISTREATMENT OF THE CALL AND CONVERSATION WITH ME!

Then within about ONE MORE HOUR LATER, I received a phone call back from Wolk from their HORRIBLE Customer Relations Office who then tells ME (about three (3) hours later) that my Prescription has already been sent over to that pharmacy.

By the time he called ME back, I had already LEFT the store quite some time ago from waiting for HOURS to Hopefully Solve This Problem that I Did NOT Cause and told HIM on the phone that I am NOT Interested Anymore and am Publishing a Public, Negative Review ON and other Social Media Websites about MY Horrible and Horrific Experience in Dealing with Your Non-Productive Customer Relations Office and in Dealing with Your Store ALL At The Same Time!

May I add one more thing: Before I left the store, I was going to buy something to drink because it was SO HOT WAITING Outside The Store In The Sun, but as You Can See In The Picture, they Refuse to Hire Enough Staff to handle the Long Line Of Customers and I Refused To Wait Forever and so I did Not bother to Go Through That Public Torture Of Waiting!

Another Bummer!

I Guess they can NOT afford to hire More Cashiers to handle the Influx Of Customers!

After this horrible ordeal that I underwent today, I Honestly do NOT feel good, nor comfortable about going back to CVS anymore and overall, I was NOT taken care of as a CVS Customer Should Be and NO Wonder they Got So Many Negative Reviews on with Only a Two (2) Star Average out of 5 Five (5) Stars!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to have the product delivered. HOWARDSHORE1970 is overall dissatisfied with CVS Pharmacy and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about shampoo at CVS Pharmacy was telephone experience, games and lies i received on the phone today and excuses about why my information was not in the system Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Grow up howard shore!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1286146

Your insurance company likely has an invalid date of birth. With your correct birthdate in the computer none of your claims would process. Doesn't sound like you're terribly interested in solving anything though, just complaining.

to Anonymous Laurel, Maryland, United States #1286663

Howie, why are vermin like you allowed to participate in our civil society?


Hey Howie, Sorry, buddy, but you are in the wrong on this one. Anyone can make a mistake and it appears you went off the deep end on the staff at the store and with the staff on the phone.

You may want to take about a gazillion deep breaths and, when you calm down, write a letter of apology to everyone involved.

You do not get my vote. You over-reacted – big-time.


Give it a rest. GROW UP!!

Every new paragraph your wait time and abuse grew and grew. People like you make ne want to hurl.


Whiny crybaby. The pharmacy techs and pharmacists can only work with the information provided. Be it you or your dr.


Go somewhere else, I agree with you cvs has a horrible customer service!


Toddlers don't have anything on this tantrum!


Actually when it's electronically sent over by the dr. The date of birth is generated by the info the dr entered.

So sounds tome you have a problem with that almighty dr. that you look up to so much.


LOL so you spent an hour to complain LOL for this tiny issue. I understand if they mess something up major bt this lol.



Pretty sure you can still function without your "Beverly Hills Doctor" whatever the *** you need. I didn't get this heated when they screwed up my antidepressants, which now I can't get for a month and I am suffering pretty wicked withdrawal symptoms.

You, sir, need to get a life.


It's really quite telling that you thought you were going to GET EVERYBODYS SYMPATHY by posting this..... In fact, you don't even appear to realize how ridiculous you sound.

Look, I'm gonna help you alright, not that you think you need any, but by the way you type, it is OBVIOUS that NO ONE in your life is giving it to you straight....

You essentially threw a fit due to a shampoo prescription not being ready in Two Hours. Then, you actually believe that somebody DELIBERATELY CONSPIRED AGAINST YOU to enter the wrong number of your birth month....

rather than CLERICAL ERROR. People make billions of typos a day..

One of the perils of electronic everything.. and it simply does not occur to you that someone could have genuinely"fat-fingered it" while entering your data into the system? Nope, it had to be someone out to get you?? How....out of touch, that is...

You got mad that there was a line, actually calling it torture (I'm sure the imprisoned over in the North Korean camps right now would laugh at that, if they even knew what laughing was)..

because it reminds you that you're not more special than anybody else. It CANNOT be because you value your time. Know how I know??...You called hotline and spoke for an hour achieving nothing, and simply cannot conceive that the person on the other end did not care for your language...because you didn't cuss. Let me tell ya somethin buddy, I feel ABUSED just by reading this self absorbed whiny post, I can't imagine what SHE had to listen to on the phone...

I'm contemplating starting a RELIEF fund for the poor girl, maybe pay for some PTSD counseling for her...

Oh and you seem to feel entitled to the name of the person who entered the wrong birthday which was LIKELY JUST AN HONEST MISTAKE.

You have the right to be upset. What everyone is saying is that you are so extremely upset over A MINOR THING.

It was NOT horrific. That is an absolute joke. I am here to find other CVS reviews since they messed with me, and reviews like this are absurd... Oh yeah, and no one cares how FAMOUS your doctor is.

What a load...

Look at me, look at me.... No one cares.


I understand your frustration, but good grief. You are getting way too upset!

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