Masks are not Law and the signs should be removed. People who can’t breath in masks should be able to shop too with ADA and not be harassed or discriminated against.

User's recommendation: Boycott.

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The signs don't say it's a law. There's a difference between a LAW and a MANDATE.


"Daniel Mallinson, an assistant professor of political administration at Penn State Harrisburg tells me a law, mandate and order essentially all have the same power to be enforced, but it's how they came to be that differs." So essentially what we're dealing with just boils down to the matter of SEMANTICS. Either way, the outcome to the consumer is the same - be expected to follow the rules or suffer the consequences. Mandates are just as enforceable as 'laws.'


You write like you have a third grade education.


Wow! Some pretty astute third graders.

And for the record, there has been no intent to plagiarize. The quote comes from a Fox News report by Chelsea Koerbler (FOX43) Published: 4:52 PM EDT July 7, 2020


Open your own store and make your own signs boomer Karen.


Here's that inflammatory rhetoric again! Pissed Consumer...

where are your moderators??? Do you approve of such bigoted language?


You should see the Many complaints on this website from others Wanting the face mask policy to be enforced at businesses as well as complaints from others wanting the police to enforce the mask policy at stores. What would you tell these complainers?


If it is such a problem pretend your house is on fire and you call the fire department. Call the appropriate authority.


Best Wishes on that maneuver if you live in a city like Seattle, Portland, New York, Minneapolis or Chicago.

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