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I have used CVS most of my life. I am currently in the oricess of switching pharmacies for some very serious issues.

The decline in medication availablity and now continuous switching of generics is unacceptable! Not to mention the constant mistakes in the pharmacy filling with the wrong brand, that was specified in handwriting, in large print on the prescription itself and then once being given a bottle of mixed pills if a controled substance to different colors and mg. and another time they called because they gave my son to many pills, also a controlled substance! Total insanity!

It could have been catastrophic if it had been an elderly feeble-minded person taking pills that were in a much higher dose than they should have been ect! The constant switching of generics over the past year has been ***. There have been way to many instances of getting a different generic and the medications not working as good as the generics that I have been on for years. I have had to endure several very miserable months not having medicatoins worked as they should have and because of this I have not been able to maintain my already hard to maintain life.

I am severely disabled and suffer with the most hideous pain and lathargy the two generic medicatoins I have been on for years now to help combat some of the pain and total exhaustoin are now constantly being switched out by a different generic manufacturers and some of them barely help at all leaving me trapped in my body and waiting and praying I get a brand that works the next month or I am left having to wait a week or more because they are out of my medicatoins all together or sometimes I am able to have them order the correct generic for me but that can take as much as a week or more to get as well. So in the past year have accumulated almost 4 months worth of time that I was unable to functoin from either not having my medicatoins or getting a brand that doesn't work well enough for me to functoin and do the most basic of things that I need to be able to do to survive my misearable existence. It seems many other pharmacies are doing the same thing and I am currently looking for a pharmacy that is more regular and not just waiting and selling us whatever is the cheapest medicatoin they can get thier hands on with no regard to its potency and how this affects thier parients lives. When they had 2 different mg of a controled substance medicatoin in the same bottle that were totally two different colors, one blue and one green I was in total shock!

I still can not see how someone especially a pharmacist could make a mistake like that! It took almost two hours to correct the mistake not to mentoin my travel time and energy which is very low from my illness. Another time just recently when they gave my son to many pills of a controlled substance they called me later and said we think we gave your son to many of his controled substance. We don't want them back we just have to account for them!

I counted them and they had indeed given him to many and I said I would let his dr know. Btw when I got the mixed bottle of controlled substance medication they counted them all out and put the wrong mg tablets back on the shelf into rotation! I was told I would get a $25 gift card in the mail for my inconvenience lol and go figure they never sent me one lol smh I need my medicatoins to work so I will find a pharmacy I can rely and cares about its customers and patients. A lot of people I habe talked to about this are feeling the same way and have had similar experiences and have switched pharmacies as well.

They for every 1 poor review thats written there are at least a thousand others with the same complaints... lastly I think their merchandise prices are insanely high.

Probably to take advantage of the elderly and disabled knowing it is one of the few places they are able to get to during the month. Very sad...

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Absolutely believable. CVS Pharmacists do not care about the health and condition and welfare of patients and customers or their well-being. The pharmacists seem to have a God complex, they control your lives, they lie to your face are extremely short tempered, I was told by my insurance company to never step foot in there again, and that's exactly what's going to happen.

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