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I work in the pharmacy at CVS as well as the front store and other locations just so I can get the hours I was promised. I was hired as a Pharmacy Tech but have barely worked back there because they keep cutting our hours.

Now the company has added to our workload with MANDATORY CONSULTATION. This frustrates and angers customers when pharmacists are tied up with another consultation, on the phone with a customer or doctor, or out administering a flu shot. We are required to ask the customers if they would like a flu shot, which many times makes them mad because they have a brain and know the flu shots are available. We have to ask them 20 questions as it is while ringing them up.

On the weekends, we spend our days making UNWANTED CALLS, that we are required to make, asking customers if they would like us to fill past due prescriptions, or prescriptions that are coming due for a refill. 90% don't answer their phones. They know CVS is calling and don't want to be bothered. Many times those that do answer their phones are angry and make it very clear that they don't appreciate the call and that they have the ability to let us know when they need a refill.

They receive calls and text messages which, in their minds, causes them to believe they have a prescription to pick up, so in they come, only to learn there is nothing ready for them. We have other things to do, like answering calls from those who want a refill, typing in new scripts that are dropped off, Escribed or faxed over, filling prescriptions from the ***, ringing up customers, answering the phone before the second ring, getting to drive thru before the second announcement that there is a customer in lane 1 or 2, filling waiters within 15 minutes, going out to punch in the code for the customer who needs to use the restroom, as well as numerous other responibilities which are too tedious to mention here, but we have to make 2 attempts to reach these people who don't want to be reached! Pharmacy staff is extremely stressed, which is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, from working at a HEALTHCARE FACILITY. In addition to all of that nonsense, beginning in February, CVS will be doing its part to decrease the Opioid dependency crisis by only allowing an 8 day supply of each CII fill.

This will create 1 of 2 problems for CVS. Customers will take their Opioid script elsewhere, or we will be burdened with filling them every 8 days rather than every 30 days. CVS doesn't care about this crisis. They just want it to APPEAR as if they care.

These people at THE TOP, making the BIG BUCKS, need to come and work in the pharmacy for a couple of weeks to experience what we have to deal with while they sit in their corner offices thinking up ways to make our jobs more stressful and our customers more unhappy. They THINK they know what's best when all they really care about are PROFITS AND BONUSES. They control expenses by cutting hours when WE could lay out much better strategies for cutting costs. And yes, our store is FILTHY.

My hands turn black from merely facing the ailes. The shelves are damaged, the carpets and bathrooms are filthy, and everything is dusty because there is not enough manpower to clean, and they are too cheap to replace shelving or have the carpets cleaned. WHO HAS CARPETS THESE DAYS? If we had bare floors they might have to pay to have them cleaned and waxed, and we can't spend profits on that, can we?!

It's just embarrassing!!! CVS is digging its own grave!!

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