Problems with very uncaring and can only say I am sure out of the bunch there may be good ones but kind or just nice as any Customer service that deals with public should be. Got so bad I needed to call and complain.

I ignored that a few days before they held my PAIN Med and lied through their teeth, saying insurance co needed pre-auth. But PHARMACIST WAS CALLING INSURANCE AND MY DOC. This went on and finally I called and THE INSURANCE CO TOLD THEM THEY WERE PUTTING 8 days in instead of 28!! That left me off schedule.

Next month they pulled another stunt with a prescription that is as important and goes for 28 days too. In fact the doc had written together, so I could pick up together but since at CVS they disturb one or other. I am senior, disabled so not out and about making enemies so it is my estimation this is one big power trip!! They actually took upon himself, STEVEN, to ask for pre auth but said it was my insurance but my ins co.

never asked and GET THIS they were insisting, calling my doctor BUT NEITHER CVS PHARMACY IN EASTHAMPTON OR THE INSURANCE COULD GIVE THE DATE OF THE LAST ONE!! This is when I complained. They sent message from home office to pick up my RX but right after I GOT MESSAGE FROM MY CVS SAYING IT WOULD BE ANOTHER TWO HOURS!! YOU HAD TWO EXTRA DAYS AND COULD NOT HAVE READY?

LASTLY: YESTERDAY I SENT NIECE (who they do not know, but she like myself works for an insurance co)TO PICK UP MY RX AND THE PHARMACIST ASKED IF I WANTED MY FLU/ ANTI DEPRESSANT MED!!

SHE WAS FLOORED THAT HE WOULD VIOLATE MY RIGHT TO PRIVACY WITH ALL THE HIPPA LAWS!! Funny they always have these annoying calls and I would get a call!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Pharmacist.

Location: Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

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