They acted arrogantly and obnoxiously! They made me go drive home to get his picture Id!

They talked to him on the phone - a retired physician who still has a DEA #!

After driving home to get his license, they failed to give him his blood pressure medicine which proves not only arrogance but also incompetence! I have used Wallgreens for years and have never experienced any trouble!

User's recommendation: I would totally not recommend this pharmacy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

CVS Pharmacy Cons: Unprofessional staff.

Location: 2103 Gause Boulevard East, Slidell, LA 70461

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Good old Amber ‘n Ronnie. They never give anyone their meds.


Someone is arrogant and obnoxious here, but it may or may not be the pharmacist in this case. Even though your husband has a DEA number, he still has to follow the rules.


Who wrote the prescription? Your husband ?

Does he have a state license since it was only for BP medicine? If it was another doctor and there was an issue they would not ask for your husbands ID. DEA is only for narcotics, not BP meds. DEA licenses last longer that state physician licenses.

When did his state physician license expire.

Something is wrong with your story! Please provide the name and state of the physician that ordered the BP med so we can all check boomer!

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