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I will no longer go to CVS due to my dissatisfaction and uninformation. PEOPLE NEED THEIR LEGAL MEDICATIONS and to be informed so they dont lose out on necessary mediation they need to survive on a daily basis.

CVS seems to give a lot of legit legal medication denials to the people who need their daily medications on a daily basis to survive. Inform properly prior to letting their customers walking away screwed with little or no empathy. As long as they are earning their paycheck. Screw the people with chronic pain illnesses.

There are exceptions to every rule especially those untold. I think people should go to other pharmacies more professional and willing to work with the legitimacy of filling legal prescriptions. Seems they prescribe no problem to the larger doses for the ones who sell them on the street.

What is wrong with this situation. Management!

Monetary Loss: $224.

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there is no exception to every rule. how do you get off?

what they do? not let you get your meds a week early? poo who. if you need them right then and there go to a er.

there are very very few drugs you need right now. not their fault you didn't get them within a timely manner.

its your drugs your job to know which ones have time limits.i.e. how many days before you can refill them.sounds like a druggie to me...

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