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CVS has seen me spend my last $ they will ever see (as soon as the forced gift card runs out).

I returned, with receipt, a shrink-wrapped box of white strips that were $43. Apparently it is store policy that if an item is over $40, and paid for with a debit card, they will not either refund the item to your card, nor give you cash. I don't even know that this practice is legal unless you literally state "some items are unrefundable."

I have a backpack with me because I take the train to work and walk over the hill to the store. I was treated like I am trying to return stolen or counterfeit goods and obtain cash. This system is LUDICROUS and means anything over $40 that you pay for with a debit card at CVS is $ permanently spent at CVS if you change your mind. Choose carefully before you buy that summer made lounge chair there - or better yet, go get cash first!

I have NEVER seen such a refund policy at any other establishment. I told the cashier it just didn't make any sense and he kept repeating "It's store policy" in the manner of a robot who had been programmed with the special "*** personality."

Perhaps they should put signs on each item over $40 warning you that if you purchase this item, it is not eligible for a refund. It is money permanently spent at CVS.

When I then collected a few items for purchase and swiped to use the "gift card" to pay for the items, the next chashier I get then reaches out to grab the card from me and snaps "I need to see this!" as if I am using a counterfeit card. Wow, let me make sure I have my background check, credit report and utility bill with a current address next time.

It's pretty simple, if a business makes you feel like a piece of *** and you don't like their policies or customer service, why ever shop there again?

I didn't get my original receipt back either which makes me wonder if something is up with that.... (Don't worry CVS, I wasn't going to try to extort the store for anymore money back for other items.)

After I expire the "gift card" refund amount, I will never shop there again. They must conduct job fairs at trailer parks anyway - I'm sure everyone has noticed this. Enjoy the gift card CVS - those are the last $ you will see from my bank account.

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment at CVS Pharmacy and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants CVS Pharmacy to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service, their problem solving and return policy - if true. Author liked the most coupons and location. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Um.... go to the refund policy on CVS.com...

you can totally get your money back in cash if you paid debit...

I've done it.... sounds like you just went to a bad store.


What was the reason for needing to return the white strips? It is unusual for anyone to need to return hygiene items.

You buy them because you need them, end of story. The fact that you were returning such a high dollar hygiene item is suspicious. You're lucky they gave you a gift card - most stores would never accept a return on hygiene products.

May I suggest you stop your white strip return scam before it catches up with you. It's already a well known scam among law enforcement.


I love CVS in Texas. Very fast and reliable with my prescriptions.

It is Walgreens that I avoid. Overpriced and unreliable with having my migraine medicine in stock. They charged me full price for a partial refill then charged me again when picked up rest of prescription.

Gave me a very hard time fixing their mistake. Also gave me someone else's prescription.


Returns are a luxury not a right. NO store has to accept a return on anything.

They do not even have to post a sign that they do not accept returns. They can tell you NO and it is perfectly legal.

to LadyScot #1360933

It's not luxury that's the wrong word, dipshhht. Returns are a privilege


Dear concerned consumer,

As a CVS representative, we are sorry to hear about your difficult experience that has occurred with our store. We are dedicated to ensuring great customer service.

Therefore, we don't believe you. It would be easier if you would please take your business somewhere else.

We do not care about your issues. Have a great day!

Best regards,



The cashier had no right to "snatch" the card from you, but should of said I need to see the back, when you use a CVS gift card the cashier has to enter 4 numbers that are on the back of the card, also, if you use a debit card you are usually refunded in cash at least that is what happens where I work, if no receipts is present then it is refunded to a money card.


I don't know what they did but you have to actually override the system to put it on a gift card instead of giving you cash back. I know it's not a cvs rule because I work for cvs it must just be that store manager which doesn't surprise me. Some store managers think they can do whatever they want!


The Attorney General of CA. has sued them in the past for excessive pricing errors.

I can attest to that.

My local DA did the same thing sending in a undercover investigator who purchased 26 items of which seven (7) were priced incorrectly! Always review your receipt for pricing errors.

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