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Product located on shelves more than a year past expiration date. Biohazards in restrooms including blood and *** on floor, toilet and baby changing station.

Floor in public restrooms not cleaned for days. Water fountains stained and filthy. ADA access blocked on registers. Only self-checkouts open for use and no one available to ring the ADA register.

Milk and Drink spills not cleaned in beverage coolers. No toilet paper available for customers to use. Minute Clinic waiting area blocked by boxes and product. Pharmacy hours printed on a sheet of paper and taped to the wall.

Extremely poor store conditions.

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Don't you have anything better to do? BEST BY dates are NOT expiration dates.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #634381

How do you know the floors in the restrooms haven't been cleaned for days-----even if you were in them every day, you would have no way of knowing that. Do you have any idea how much damage a couple small kids or even teenagers can do, if they are in an area unsupervised.

I have been in restrooms in businesses that were immaculate and then a few minutes later, because there were a couple unsupervised kids in there horsing around. As far as blood goes, none of your pictures showed that. An what in heck is an ADA register? There isn't a store in the town I live in that has anything like that.

None of your pictures show real clearly any of your complaints. Don't complain about how the pharmacy hours are posted, at least they are posted.

to anonymous #635097

Excuse me? Maybe you're a dirty person and have no standards of cleanliness and order, but clearly what this person posted is the depiction of utter filth and bad business.

Food expired for more than a year? Are you kidding? That type of thing can seriously harm someone's health, if not KILL them! *** left on the baby changing station?

Really? That can lead to infections to the infants!!! Boxes of things hanging around freely? What if a "bunch of kid" or "teenagers" came around horsing and playing and one of those boxes fell and injured them?

How about the sticky *** visibly clear in the fridge under the milk? You think that's okay? I would never enter a store like that in my life again if I saw ONE of those things, let alone all this!!!

Maybe you're dirty and this is how your house looks like, who knows!!! lol...

to Sam #669144

You customers think you are SO SPECIAL. So, you'll complain about blood and *** left in the restroom and no one cleaning it and it being a bio-hazard, but it's ok for some poor employee, who has no bio-hazard training and no adequate equipment to clean it, to go ahead and stick their hands in it.

News flash, I work in retail and that filthy disgusting mop gets reused with all the sh*t it picked up the night before. Enjoy your false sense of security in a public restroom.

to Anonato #669464

CVS pharmacy does provide bio hazard training. And, try have a training module on Bloodborne pathogen clean-up procedures.

Could just be the manager at this location failed to provide it.

It happens, so pressed for time that important things are easily missed.

to anonymous Fair Oaks, California, United States #649724

Hey Sioux Falls!

So I guess you're taking care of complaints for CVS, in addition to Walgreens and Walmart! How great that you've expanded your business. Any other pharmacies you're covering complaints for, or is this it?

This person is responsible for berating consumers who dare to complain about pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. They have many entries in these stores listings, and almost always follow a formula of accusing the consumer of lying, making things up, and being too sensitive. If the complaint is about pharmacy and/or drugs, the consumer will always be accused of being a drug seeker/abuser. They will always be told to shut up and be thankful the pharmacy helps them at all. They will always be told not to complain, even though that is the purpose of this website.

I'm not sure who they work for, but it definitely not a coincidence, and I doubt they do it because they like all these companies. They go by multiple logins as well, including LadyScot, and Anonymous from Sioux Falls. You can tell by the tone, word usage, and methods of denigration that they are the same person or a team.

I for one would like to know why people are getting compensated to berate consumers complaining about poor service at pharmacys. How about Sioux Falls - ready to come clean? C'mon, you know it'll feel better....

to MrCustomer #869450

Get a life. Seriously.

to MrCustomer #1095759

Actually, I live in Florida where I am a pharmacy technician, and this is the only nick I use online anywhere. I use this one for EVERYTHING everywhere, every single website, from to Direct TV to

So, your detective skills are sorely lacking honey.

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