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My husband abd I went to the drive thru- he was driving because I had foot surgery. We gave the nice woman my RX, she said 20-30 minutes.

No problem, we left & got take out. 40 minutes later, we returned and were told 5 more minutes. Aggravated, but politely said "ok." Parked for 15 minutes, pulled BACK around, and was told it's not ready. In pain, nauseated, and hungry- my husband voiced his displeasure.

Nice lady gets rude 'Manager.' He tells us to we're going to have to wait- they hadn't even started it yet. NOW, we're pissed, and again voiced our displeasure. Pharmacist rudely tossed my paper RX in the bin and refused to fill it. I'm under a 'narcitocs contract' and HAD to fill it there.

My husband took it, went inside (I couldn't, it was icy and I had crutches), and told them it HAS to be filled here. Rude phsrmacist guy proceeds to belittle him, tells him to have a seat and wait! 20 more minutes, and I finally got my RX.

Mind you, the pharmacist 'announced' "This always happens when they come in.", just with YOU!! Beyond rude and incompetent, not to mention, unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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*Update* after the pharmacist telling my husband that the manufacturer no longer makes his strength in a specific med (lie, we called Walgreens), and after this *** continued to berate me in front of other customers a few weeks ago- I finally switched to Walgreens. They are professional, polite, nice, AND my med copays were HALF of what CVS was charging me.

Not sure how CVS got away with that, but I am looking in to it. My doctor even hates CVS.

They need a good lesson in customer service to start. So glad I switched!


Well maybe they were busy that day. You need to be patient.

to Anonymous #1430718

Well maybe you work there and are sticking up for them? I've worked in enough places dealing with customers, so I know how to treat people.

Even when it's busy, which they were. Let's just say it's no longer an issue, and we are treated much better and get our RX's much quicker than even "promised."

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