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I was at the pharmacy at CVS in Collinsville, Virginia, this week. I needed to get a simple flu shot.

I went to the drop off window to inquire about one. I stood there for five minutes and one of the staff saw me and ignored me. They didn't even say I will be with you in a moment. I then preceded to the pickup window which someone did ask me what I wanted.

I then was directed back to the drop off window. I asked how much it would be. She put in lots of information but never gave me the amount which was $0 because I am on Medicare. Did she not know this when she took my cards?

She said she would do my paperwork and for me to wait over in the chairs to the side. I sat there and looked at several magazines while three associates worked on prescriptions. During this time, no one came in to fill a prescription and only two drive thru prescriptions were filled. Again I was being ignored.

I asked how much longer and finally the pharmacist said he would give me the shot. I expected to go into a partitioned area. Instead he gave me the shot in the middle of the floor in front of the pharmacy. I will never go to CVS again for a flu shot.

I hope I can move my Medicare prescriptions too because you wait forever for those too. I now know why Walgreens where I had always got my shot was out of flu shots--they actually give customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Milennials that will wait on customers rather than ignore them especially when three people are working in a pharmacy..

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Just because you didn't see any customers doesn't mean they weren't busy. You should ALWAYS make sure you have at least fifteen minutes to kill when you go in for a flu shot.

ONLY THE PHARMACIST can give you the shot, and if the pharmacist is counting C2s or on a phone call or has fifteen waiters to check who came in/called in before you, you are going to have to WAIT YOUR TURN just like everyone else. Flu shots are not immediate, and you really don't want it screwed up, do you?

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