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Tried calling Pharmacist 5x between 10am and 2pm to only reach an automated caller that put me on hold with wait times of 5 mins or more each time....husband needs his two blood pressure pills renewed as he is out of them.....what to do when no one answers???? Maybe it is time to change to a different drugstore!!

I called a main customer service hotline for help and his answer was that they are busy, even that is poor customer service....really 5x between those hrs with wait times of 5/6 minutes each without talking to a human being!!

What has happened to our society??? Does anyone know if there is another drugstore that solely does not rely on automated caller or are they all that way! I Just called Costco pharmacy and someone answered right away....will try others to see if they will answer with a human!

So so sad! For all this I give A rating of no stars!!

User's recommendation: Call CVS and see if u can get thru!

Location: Bessemer, Alabama

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That's what the automated system is for. Refill your own meds through the app or the website and stop calling the pharmacy.

They're busy with flu shots and waiting on people who are actually standing in front of them. Jeez, can you people do ANYTHING for yourselves?


Did you call the doctor? The bottles you have said no refill for the last month.

Also, when you had your last appointment why didn’t you verify your doctor ordered refills through your next appointment? All your fault!


That boomer is already dead by now.

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