Wanted to try CVS pharmacy because it was closest to my home. When my prescription was ready I went to pick it up any d they said they could only renew twice and that Walgreens my previous pharmacy could renew 4 times.

I asked what needed to be done for my prescription to go back to Walgreens. They said have Walgreens call us, and we will fax over the prescription. Waited all day and heard nothing. When I called Walgreens they said they never received the fax.

I then tried to call CVS and was on hold for 45 minutes. I hung up and went to Cvs. They said that Walgreens had to call them AGAIN to request the prescription. When I called Walgreens they said they too could not get in touch with anyone from CVS.

No one in CVS would even try and help with the situation. You try calling CVS and see how long your wait time is.

Location: West Babylon, New York

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Quit transferring your prescriptions. Pick a pharmacy and stay there.


Listen to the entitled Walgreens customers babble on about how they cannot get their way every time.

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