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Ok, this is my 2nd complaint! I am about done with CVS.

I was now denied a prescription that I have been getting filled at CVS for years, they said they will no longer fill any Ambien by Dr Mynt in Fresno Ca, I called my DR, if CVS has personal issues with the DR that is not between me and should NOT effect my treatment/Meds. You are denying me necessary meds to treat my ongoing conditions. The pharmacy's job is to fulfil meds prescribed by a DR ONLY to treat patients for their conditions, CVS is denying care and that is a ADA violation. If CVS has personal issues with certain Dr's do not take it out on the patients.

We are prescribed meds for a reason, reasons CVS does not need to know because they are not our DR's. I have been with CVS a long time and I am now ready to leave and go elsewhere.

I am highly disappointed on how CVS is treating their customers and individuals with health issues and disabilities. things are getting out of hand.

User's recommendation: Stop the madness...stop denying necessary prescriptions to patents.

Preferred solution: Serve your customers and patients better- Honor your Code of Ethnics.

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Rut roh! Sounds like Dr.

Mynt has been somewhat of a naughty boy!

Get off the Ambien. You’ll thank me later.

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