I try to call because I dont like the races people I have to heart them all that she said about the peoples dont understand stay home for the virus problem but she is so rude to said that

I am in the store jus whit 13 extrabacks and I need cold medicine but first thing I wanted to make is one deal with Maybelline cosmetics because I have very good coupons for the kiosk machine but when I pay the cashier said all my coupons applied to my transaction but is not tru because made me spend all my money I have and when I check the receiv I dont see my 10 in 30 Maybelline coupon and she ask to this manager and she come and said that I don can bring the 10 back because I pay but the cashier explain that the system dont said nothin about and when I ask if all my coupon applies in my transaction she said me yes . Races an rude manager just got out crying because I feel like trash

I understand the care about customer but people have been things to do in the store

I am sad because this 2 stores in my area have one rude women inside

My favorite store has Tatiana and she made me feel stupid because she think that dont understand the situation and the papers in the store but Tatiana talks with otter customer I need translation to Spanish

User's recommendation: In my store never made me feel bad is just this lady.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Manager.

Location: Rockwell, North Carolina

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hmmmm very interesting. Yes, I have no idea what any of this means.


Huh? What?


Why are you out shopping for non-essential MAKE UP PRODUCTS during a pandemic?!

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