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Went to CVS in the corner of Oceanside Boulevard and College Boulevard, I came in and introduced myself to the manager and let him know that I had a medical condition and I couldn't wear a mask , he proceeded to tell me that without a mask I had to leave the store and if I didn't leave the store he was going to call the police on me. I let him know I had to pick up a prescription and some panty liners and I noticed they were only two other people in the store he continued to harass and threaten me with calling the police on me.

I knew I was wasting my breath talking to this man and I just walked right past him knowing what my legal rights are I got my panty liners. I went to the pharmacy he came back there and tried to stop the pharmacy from giving me my prescription.

He then had to go back up to the front of the store so when that happened in the pharmacist was kind enough to ring me up and let me out of that store and I left as soon as I could and I was so stressed out by all of this this it made me sick I had an anxiety attack I couldn't breathe... this manager was a monster with no compassion no understanding of the law and discrimination I will never shop at CVS again I will never set foot in any CVS under any circumstances because of the ignorance all of the law by the people that work there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.


CVS Pharmacy Cons: Management treatment, Rude employees, Management, Not pleasant or helpfull.

Location: 1980 College Boulevard, Oceanside, CA 92056

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Wait. You won’t wear a mask, but you can wear panty liners?

This sounds ridiculous. Complaint dismissed!


Use the drive through next time.


There are people with medical conditions who can’t be around selfish people who refuse to wear masks... perhaps you should shop online or by curbside pickup so you don’t infest the whole store.


You're kidding, right! Try reading the actual ADA regulations regarding masks.

Here, I'll make it easy for you....."Coronavirus and 'direct threat' Even if a person could identify their disability and prove that not wearing a mask without any other precaution was a reasonable request, “the business could still turn that person away based on the direct threat” that they posed to others, according to Roberts. A “direct threat” under the ADA is any substantial risk to the health and safety a disabled person poses to others, which cannot be countered with reasonable accommodations. The standard is normally cited in employer-employee relationships, but experts and regulators agree that COVID-19 poses a threat to businesses when interacting with customers. Businesses also have plenty of legal precedent for protecting themselves in the name of public health." News Flash Karen.

No one likes wearing a mask. Have a little respect for others! You might as well just spit on people when you're out in public without a mask on, it's essentially the same. If you're sick, you could literally kill someone.

Do you get it? Is it sinking in?

You are not exempt from wearing a mask, no matter what misconception you have about the law. You are Not the Center of the Universe!!

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