Ihave been a customer at the Chiefland Florida CVS pharmacy for many years. The new pharmacist Nicole Miller is the rudest most unprofessional person I have ever seen.

She is short and rude with all consumers I have witnessed this on many occasions. She has been short and rude with me. She acts as though the customer is beneath her she is even rude to her co workers. I know I am only one person but I assure this company being ex- Law enforcement in this community I know plenty of people and word of mouth goes a long wy in this tight community.

As law enforcement you are required to attend an Interpersonal Skills training course which this lady desperately needs. She is one who thinks she is the Law due to the drug abusers which we all know exist. Just to let her know not everyone is a Drug addict.

She has no right to treat everyone as if they are beneath her. This company probably could care less about my complaint and that's fine but I have already changed pahrmacies and am on a peroneal mission to let everyone I know about my experience and about this rude unprofessional lady.

User's recommendation: Change Pharmacies we have plenty of other Pharmacie in this community.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 2137 N Young Blvd, Chiefland, FL 32626

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Wait. If this is about pain medications, I give up.


“Not everyone is a drug addict!” - says every addict who is outsmarted by the pharmacist


Just to let her know not everyone is a Drug addict. Speak for yourself,


You’re right. Not everyone is an addict.

Only the people denied narcotics at pharmacies who post ridiculous rants on the internet.

Obviously the OP isn’t too bad off without their drug of choice if they’re able to go on such an online tirade and then go around telling everyone they know about their stupidity. A non-addict would be in severe pain without meds and unable to do anything.


Ah so you’re a drug seeker ... it just took a little while for you to get to that in your rant.

Sounds like she immediately read into your addiction and you weren’t able to pull off your usual act.

And btw, no one cares that you are “ex law enforcement” nor do your threats to tell all your fellow pill heads mean anything. Bye now!


The thing here is people think that they can personally have a store shut down due to word of mouth. If she tells 100 people chances are not everyone will listen to her. If they do they will for like a month an go o the store, restaurant ect that she told them about.

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