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I was purchasing pain mefication for my grandson and decided to pick up my allergy medication at the pharmacy. A gentleman eagerly ran to the counter and asked what i needed.

When he brought my meds, i asked if they had a larger quantity since im only allowed one purchase per month. He said no and quickly ran the purchase without asking if i wanted it. He ran the rest of my items and literlly pitched them accrossed the counter with the receipt. No bag.

No thank you. He ran to the customer at the next window. I reminded him as i passed that he was completely rude to me. He said "sorry" and continued with his customer.

I had to stop at the front register with receipt in hand while holding several items to prove they were paid for and to get a bag.

This type of rude service has never happened here before. I have never seen this pharmacist either " Jason" was on my receipt.

User's recommendation: Dont go to Jason.

Preferred solution: I would like to know i will never be treated so rudely again. Its very upsetting..

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Why are you buying your grandson pain medicine, Karen?


He was not rude to you. No is not the same as rude.

At least he apologized. When your turn is done, he has to help the next customer.

The next customer is just as important as you are. Get off your high horse.


Your complaint is about the rudest People at the pharmacy, yet you post about One pharmacy employee, Jason. Which one is it?


I was thinking the same thing. Then again this woman is not smart at all. She mistakes no as rude.

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