Pharmacy at 1279 West Main St short changed perscription for Simvastatin which is suppose to 90 day supply. Bottle felt light so I counted pills and sure enough their were only 59 pills in bottle.

Thats not excusable cause they were not short that particular drug that day.

That is just plain old carelessness. I feel like switching to another pharmacy.

Location: 1279 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06708

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They also have done the same to me on many occasions.


All you have to do is tell the pharmacy you were shorted. You don't have to blow it up into a big, overdramatic deal. Why is everyone's Go-To reaction to throw tantrums, threaten lawsuits and generally freak out> Just calm down and be rational.


It’s not unrealistic to want to switch pharmacies and this is not the first time this pharmacy has done this. And no one said anything about a law suit.

The only one blowing this up is you. You sound like a bored busy body.


No one said anything about a lawsuit. The only blowing it up is you.


The only blowing it up is you. You sound like a bored busy body.


Did you want to say that three more times, just incase your point didn't get across?


Nope. Just rubbing your nose into it. Ha Ha Ha


In what? Your stupidity? Don't need my nose rubbed in that, it was obvious from the start.


Nothing stupid about me. You maybe?

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