They only had the pharmacist and a tech working this day.

4 cars ahead of me n drive thru it was taking too long, so I decided to go in.Sarcastic, approx. 4 customers waiting to be checked out, 2 customers waiting to get the shot, approx 3 customers waiting to drop off script, phone ringing.

Poor pharmacist trying to fill scripts but also trying his best to take care of customers. MADNESS!!!!

Ask to speak to the store manager who was in her office she came out; and when I asked If she can assist the pharmacy, she looked at me with a stone face and said she was not allowed to go back there. So sorry, and back to her office she went. Store manager needs to be trained so she can assist when needed.

I got my medicine 3 hours later.

Hats off to the pharmacist who kept his cool through this madness, kept it very professional!!! Honestly I think he should get promoted-anyone that is able to stay on top of everything and still maintain his cool and a great attitude, should be promoted!!!

User's recommendation: Call ahead.

Location: Snellville, Georgia

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I feel your pain, but it’s not your place to tell the store manager to help. Complain to corporate and hopefully trained staff will be scheduled to help.


You can thank their Corporate Headquarters for their pharmacy being short staffed. So, complain to them about this. Their contact information is either found on This website or online.

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