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WE had medicine called in on Thursday and when we went to the pharmacy to pick it up on Monday it was not ready. Not only was it not ready they made us wait 2 hours before they got it done.

In the meantime, my husband is on dialysis, so why we are waiting on needed medication, he missed that appointment. I guess as long as CVS makes money, they don't care about putting people at risk because it only makes them more money. They are too big and to detached in the customer service dept.

If we were smart we would start boycotting them and see if they get hurt in the pocketbook, if they would start to care then. The sad thing it isn't just one location, it seems like it is in all locations.

User's recommendation: Dont use CVS if you have anothe option. I started using Rite Aid and they bought them out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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He must not be too sick if you waited several days to pick up the medication. Just saying!


Did it ever occur to you that maybe they were BUSY? And that there were patients there before you?

You're sick and tired of of people not catering to your incredibly selfish and entitled demands - THEY'RE sick of being short staffed, overworked and treated like slave labor by people like you who have no idea how hard their job is. Get over yourself.


You are NOT the only sick people in the world. There is a global pandemic going on and workloads have doubled or tripled.

They DO care - they're just overwhelmed and stressed out. They're doing the best they can.

You have no idea how godawful busy a pharmacy can be if you've never actually worked in one. Have some compassion, and learn some patience.

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