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I go to CVS to get a prescription and a pack of razor blades. I go for the razor blades first. Locked up. I get someone to unclock. They will not give me the blades and say I have to go to cashier up front to get them. But I have to wait in line for my prescription in the pharmacy section. They want me to wait in two line. One for prescription then one to get blades. They suck. I will never go toa CVS again! Thiis is the CVS on Morrissey Blvd,... Read more

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The pharmacy manager Afashai declined to fill a prescription..for aveeno or icy hot or a subsyitite.she told me that i can't get no prescription and go somewhere else.i beem getting prescription at this broadway location6066 ,249 broadway 10025 evelyn the pharmacy tech was very rude ,and just basicly told me to leave,please contact me at 6462503795

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I was just asked to leave cvs in 704 jamaica plain mass s yr ago a woman I was with was caught shop lifting however I was searched voluntarily when I offered to pay for a carriage full of items I was told no.Then threatened and my pic was taken now they kicked out all my prescriptionare filled there I'm in many many times and all the sudden I'm told to leave I'm beyond upset

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They shorted me on my script

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They treated me like a criminal when I picked up pain medication with an antibiotic after inpatient surgery (I had staples, stitches, and a skin graft). They told me they weren't sure they had enough of the pain medication. I told them I was fine with that and they still treated me with absolute disgust. It was the first time I'd been to that CVS, but I thought it would save time so I could catch my train home at North Station. I recommend... Read more

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I shop at the CVS on Main Street in Springfield Ma. Wow what a nightmare group of associates working there. The security guard follows the a hispanic cashier around like a disgusting puppy and when he attempts to do his job he profiles people in an attempt to thwart shop lifting. The the assistant manager is just as dense. He had the gall to ask me if I wanted my extra care coupons when he was to busy to change the register tape. The woman at... Read more

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I bought a big box of bandaids ($11), Bactine spray ($9) , Listerine ($7.50) , Cortizone cream ($10) and some hair gel ($4). With taxes = $43. We went to Walmart later on in the day and found everything there would have only cost me $24. I'll NEVER set foot in CVS again....What a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a rip off . Read more

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I am an employee of CVS, A Pharmacy Technician to be exact. Let me tell you people a lil something. THe majority of you think you are entitled, but your not. Let me give u the low down of how we fill scripts at CVS...First well talk about the one that a patient drops off Patient Drops Off Prescription. 1. Greet patient 2. Check prescription for all information i.e Name, DOB, phone number, drug name, strength, directions, signature, dea number.... Read more

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I started working for CVS Randolph MA on September 24, 2012. I told management I can only work 15 hours due to an illness. I also have memory issues. I worked an average of 12 hours a week. After the second day the blowhard that manages the store yelled at me saying I was *** and had no idea what customer service was (I worked as a cashier for 15 years other stores). After that I made sure I did everything I was told to do. I worked very hard. I... Read more

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I received a coupon from CVS this week for any items in the store that were not on sale. I was stocking up so I got several items. I did notice that most of the store was buy 2 get 50 percent off the second item. I was buying one item. One of an item was full price and I knew that so I expected 25 percent to be taken off (my coupon) She said it didn't work that way. What a come on. The Attorney General should look in to this.Next week I... Read more

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