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Throughout my time at CVS, I have consistently worked by myself. Granted, there is always a manager working with me, I rarely ever see them. I have to tackle checking out multiple customers at a time--I'm talking 5, 6, or 7 GROUPS of customers--with no help. Then, if the manager happens to pass by the front, I get scolded for not calling for help. The issue is, when I do ask for help, the manager turns it around and tells me I don't know how... Read more

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Told out of medication. Then told I could get another 2 days and have to come back. When I called the CVS down the street to fill it the one in richardson at Jupiter and beltline said they had the shipment but had not received it in so could not dispense. Crazy!!!#

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My name is Jody Hanson. I shop at the CVS Pharmacy in Canton Texas. My husband went to pick up my prescription on 5-5-2014 and was told he couldn't get one of my orders. It had properly been sent in by my doctor. I was told by Pharmacists Jay Livingston that I couldn't get one of my orders. He said I'd have to show proof of my insurance. My husband then went back with proof and he still wouldn't give me my order. He got mad and... Read more

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Last December, my wife and I went to CVS to buy Christmas decorations and some presents. I was just getting over the flu and started to get sick. I realize this is not too delicate, but I had to go to the restroom immediately. I went to the stall and there was no paper. I frantically ran into the store to find an employee. There was a line at the pharmacy and the register. Not wanting to make a scene, I grabbed a roll of Scott tissue ($1.00) and... Read more

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called 20 minutes before pharmacy closing on 14 March to confirm that my prescription was ready. They said they were working on it and if i came in now it would be ready before closing. I told them i would come in the next morning because i live more than 20 minutes away. I came in on 15 March to get my prescription and was initially given the wrong medicine for a different patient with the same last name but different first name after telling... Read more

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cvs calls to remind me of refill prescriptions multiple times per day and recently has begun calling multiple times per day to remind me its allergy season and to come buy something from them. They only need remind me one time per day. They have my home number as an agreement between me and them to call me when it is prescription time again. They have elected to piggy back telemarketing calls on top of that and have elected to abuse the... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 0 offered on online sale of their own products. Ordered over $50 right away to save shipping when I got the order (which was only 2 different items) one was wrong. I called the 800 number to be told "not my fault it was the warehouse" and "you will have to return it to a store". when I returned it to a store they gave me store credit only because "I have no idea how to give a refund". The online help from wrote a nicer... Read more

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Don't know how is that in other States, but in TX the cashiers are so slow that I prefer to stop by some other places very often because it takes forever! Every time, in every place even if you are next in the line they will keep you forever! If you pay with credit card it's not in front of cashier, but always "It's on the left! A few more feet ahead, please..." They can leave cash register right in front of your face and go to work in their... Read more

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I have a great CVS flu shot story for everyone!!! I live in Laurel, MD and went to the store on 15100 Baltimore Ave (store #1790) for a simple flu shot. After the pharmacist administered the shot, she fumbled it, and then accidentally stabbed her thumb with my USED needle. She then told me that she "didn't know what to do!" and then sent me home. She called me on my personal cell phone at 9:45 at night and told me she needed me to come back and... Read more

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CVS, Lago Vista, Texas. Pharmacy cannot seem to get my prescription orders correct. I have not been to the doctor they continue to "ask" to refill my prescriptions for a year. That doctor continues to tell them "no refills" while my current Doctor has called the pharmacy 4 times in the last 3 months to let them know THEY are my doctor. I have gone to great lengths to let CVS know who my doctor is and they tell me they have it fixed. Today I... Read more

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