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I am a Pharmacy Tech at a 24-hour CVS store in New York (not to mention it's probably one of the busiest pharmacies I have ever encountered hah).

Many of the customers I help are very kind, considerate, and reasonable people. However, a large amount of them are complete idiots. I've been reading complaints from this forum for only about 20 minutes and I'm disgusted. While some of these complaints are understandable, I doubt that most of them are 100% true.

Let me start off by saying that, we're all customers, including me. Never in my life have I taken the time out to complain about "bad" service I received at a store. Never in my life have I ever complained about my perscription taking more than 10 minutes (GASP!) or a 20 minute wait on a line. People have to realize that they're not the only customers there.

Like I've mentioned, I work at an extremely busy pharmacy. One of my shifts is during the busiest time of day (rush hour)and this is right after I come home from long day at college. The second I hit the register (NOT AT ALL THE TIME BUT IN A GENERAL SENSE) customers are whinig that the line is too long and saying "that they don't want to wait" or that we're "taking too long"...meanwhile there's about 15 people waiting at drop-off and a large number of people waiting/picking up. It's very easy for you people to sit there and moan and groan but when you're behind the counter it's very frustrating. We really do try our best to satisfy everyone but we're human beings. We can only do a certain amount of things in a certain amount of time. We're not your slaves and we're not robots. Don't *** the hand that feeds you.

Customers also complain about insurance all the time. I've been told to my face..."you people and your prescription prices are ridiculous!!!" and "why do you people always mess up my insurance" and "WHY IS THIS IS SO EXPENSIVE, YOU GUYS ALWAYS DO THIS!!!" Just to let you, the insurance problems are usually never our fault, sometimes there might be a typo here or there but most of the time it's the insurance companies or your laziness. Stop having such a hard time blaming things on yourself.

Overall, my experience at CVS has been enjoyable because I've learned new things and met new people. But I have to say that I've come home miserable because of the treatment and abuse that I get from some of you people. I've had things thrown at me. Customers snicker about me while they wait (A WHOLE 15 MINUTES...BOOOHOOOO) for their prescriptions. One bitter woman (who probably lives alone with her ten cats) complained about me because I wasn't waiting for her at the pick-up counter, reason being I was doing production. It's not like she was sitting there for 5 minutes. When I'm counting pills in the back, the minute I see a customer online, I stop what I'm doing to assist them. That's exactly what I did but it wasn't good enough for her. She then tells me that my name tag isn't showing enough and that I'm unprofessional. She tells me that she goes by first impressions (because her opinion of me is real accurate).

I'm sick and tired of being belittled and ridiculed by customers. They take things too far, it's unfair. I work my *** off day in and day out and the last thing I need is some stranger yelling at me like I'm a child or a criminal.

I just wanted to make a point here. This doesn't apply to every single customer. And yes, sometimes there are reasons to complain. But I do think that most customers should pull there heads out of the *** and stop with the whole "the customer is always right blah blah blah" because the truth of the matter is..."the customer is always an ignorant ***!"

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I have the same problem I work for cvs in Philly it's super busy all the time. I know where your comeing from..

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I work for CVS and I usually love it....but yeah some people are just miserable, I've literally been told to "f--- off" over the amount of the county's co-pays (And I don't even work in the pharmacy, I was stocking in the aisle near there)


It's a pharmacy, not a fast food chain. Do you want your prescription done right or fast?


CVS is really a --itty company- they treat their employees very badly, rarely give pay increases (1-2%), threaten employees that they will be terminated for the ignorant customer complaints. They never believe the employees version and choose to believe the often distorted customers versions.

The customers should realize that this is not 'Starbucks'. I would like for them to put up with all the *** that we have to put up with from the customers.


i don't work at a CVS, but being in customer service, i have to say nice post.

and you got it right, some of the complaints on here are worthless.


I'm only a PSA/training to be a tech. Most of my customers understand when it's super busy. But there's always that number of people that get super-upset about waiting in line/wrong insurance etc.

@ anon: Then you understand that you are ONLY one person who can only do so many things at once. I agree with the bad service equation, but when Mrs. Jones has you tied with finding ALL of her prescriptions + fixing copays/whatever else, then it can get hectic with everyone being tied up at a busy store. It gets frustrating no matter what. All we're asking is a little consideration.

I understand that people get upset waiting in a long line though. Waiting is tough for most people, and we really do feel for you! (I mean, who hasn't had to wait for something before right?) We try our best, but sometimes it's not enough for everybody. That's the world we live in.


I totally agree, the best one that I have heard is "What do you mean 15 minutes?" "ALL you have to do is put a label on it." LOL. COME ON PEOPLE WE ARE NOT SLAPPING BEANS IN A BURITTO AT TACO BELL.

Its your life on the line.

The wait is well worth it. If we just closed our eyes and spun around and slapped a label on the first thing we grabbed you would probably be sicker than what you were in the first place.


Couldn't have put it better myself. I agree, the majority of the people are decent.

The rest could have NEVER been in a situation like yours (pharmacy being the worst department imo). Otherwise, they would see things from your perspective and learn to use SOME rationality.

But that's retail for you... can't wait to finish college myself lol.


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I feel like this everyday at my job. I work for an independent pharmacy, and all customers do are complain and threaten to transfer to other pharmacies..and some days it would be nice to stop kissing their *** for five minutes and tell them to go on and transfer. I would just like to be a fly on the wall to see what happens when they get told their price is the exact same with!!


HAHAHA!!!! I keep seeing all these CVS employees defending the company and insisting that all of the complaints on this web site are the CONSUMER'S faults.

GET REAL!! I worked for CVS in Florida for 7 years and was lead tech for 2 1/2 of them. I quit because these complaints are ALL JUSTIFIED! Think about it.

You're pissed because you have to contact doctors about refills and you say its only a COURTESY. Guess what-CVS advertises that you WILL call for refills. That you WILL have the scripts ready in less than 10 minutes. That you WILL have the correct copays at the register and that you WILL accept almost every plan on earth!

Yet they never provide enough staff hours to accomplish it. OPEN YOUR EYES! Your district and regional managers tell you that the patients don't know what they're talking about and that you just need to work with them the best you can beacuse they're idiots (yes, they call you all idiots) but then the same managers will not hesitate to fork out gift cards and apologies to keep them happy.



I wholeheartedly agree with the above statements. As a pharmacy technician for CVS, I've met the nicest, kindest, most understanding people that patronize my pharmacy.

But, unfortunately, I've also met the most (for lack of a better word) psychoticly rude, igorant people. Most people don't understand (or don't care) that most of the time, there are people waiting in line for prescriptions ahead of them, and are flabbergasted when I tell them that there is a 15 minute wait. "Don't you just have to slap a sticker on a box?" Is usually one of the unintelligent comments I get. They don't understand that there is a process, for their safety, which takes time.

Also, they blame everyone but themselves for their insurance coverage. I'm sorry if your insurance sucks, but it's not my, or CVS's fault.

We all work our butts off behind the scenes for customer service, and to make sure that the customer doesn't have any ill effects from their medications.

Please people, try to be a little more understanding in the future.

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Don't *** the hand that feeds you? How about bad service = no customers.

I have worked as a cashier for years, you learn to suck it up and put on the fakest smile you can. If not, you better have another job lined up.

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haha i'm shocked. i thought i would be getting tons of hate mail regarding this post.

i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels this way!

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Nicely said. My girlfriend works at a CVS Pharmacy down here in Florida.

I can not believe the idiots that come to her store.

Do they even realize that CVS has nothing to do with the prices of prescription drugs? I mean, ***, go contact your congress man about that!

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I am in my last year of pharmacy school & have also been a tech for the past 13 years. I agree with the above statements.

It is VERY difficult for pharmacists to do their jobs..which happens to be to make sure the drug your doctor has written for you is indeed correct and will not KILL you b/c docs make mistakes too. It is not the pharmacists job to somehow magically know your specific insurance info & why YOUR insurance does not pay for your drug the doc wrote for you. So I urge those that complain of the time (10-15 min) you may have to wait to get your Rxs to take the time to consider exactly what kind of impact the precise knowledge and expertise it takes to make sure u don't get a fatal drug & appreciate the extra time spent on your prescription. And for those of you that don't know, billing your insurance company for your prescriptions is a complimentary service, it is not mandated by state law that we are required to do so.

So please take some time to say "thank you" when you receive good service because it is rarely ever done. We work much longer shifts and with extremely limited or any help at all than many physicians and are treated much less respectable when our job in your healthcare is just as important.

Just remember the courtesy goes both ways. Your insurance info is YOUR responsibility, not ours.

Waxahachie, Texas, United States #10097

I completely understand where you're coming from. The way society in general has (d)evolved, consumers have somehow come to mistakenly believe that the second they walk into any establishment, whoever is working there must bend over backward, bending rules and disregarding common practice to make sure they get everything that they want.

The people behind the pharmacy counter are not insurance representatives, mothers, or doctors. It is the pharmacist's responsibility to make sure that the correct drug, with the correct dosage and directions are dispensed to the correct patient. It is _not to locate your correct insurance information. You are an adult.

You should be responsible enough to have your stuff together. It is not the pharmacist's job to make sure that you get your prescriptions refilled before you run out, or the doctor's office is closed for a three day weekend. I'm so sick and tired of ***, ignorant, rude people thinking that they should get whatever the heck they want, in 5 minutes or less, while also receiving a 25 dollar gift card for their pleasure.

Where is the accountability, and the responsibility? Certainly not with the customers.

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