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For the love of God, CUSTOMERS - could you NOT bring your carts heaped full of groceries to the pharmacy counter? I mean, maybe half a dozen items, yeah - but come on!

Stop holding up the line! While you're arguing over sales prices and coupons (about which the pharmacy techs know nothing, because why the *** should they, they work in the PHARMACY!) there are people piling up behind you, waiting for their meds. A lot of them are in pain, or just feel like crap and want to go home and you're unloading ice cream, bread, make-up, toilet paper, expired coupons, etc.

RUDE!!! PLEASE, if you have more than six items, take them to the front of the store and stop holding up the line!

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The thing is they ignore when told to go somewhere else. This one guy he was not in the pharmacy but he was in the express line.

When told the line was 10 or less he kept saying no English. But when he had to pay he argued in full English perfectly about how he was overcharge for each item.

to Zachary2001 #1618751

"No English" got to try that next time I get pulled over for speeding.


The pharmacy needs to put a stop to such nonsense. I've never witnessed it personally but I can only imagine how ridiculous and rude people are.

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